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Lies Of P: 5 Scariest Enemy Designs


The Souls-like Lies of P adapts Pinocchio’s PG-rated horror in the vein of Resident Evil, The Last of Us, and David Cronenberg. Although Lies of P has elements that are reminiscent of dark fantasy, at its heart it is a pure horror experience. The grotesque corrupted red-eyed puppets charging at you, and the mutated zombie-like foes plagued by the Petrification Disease that is rife in Krat, will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Learn about the Lies of P’s most terrifying enemy layouts here!

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Giant Plaga Tendril Puppet

The designer has accommodated your need to witness the horrifying symptoms of Petrification Disease on a huge puppet miniboss. After the Ergo changes the surroundings, this boss resembles the new Milkman miniboss, but it’s much larger and more dangerous.

Lies Of P: 5 Scariest Enemy Designs

The similarities to the Las Plagas parasite, which gives rise to the same creatures seen in Resident Evil 4, are striking. The Petrification has completely taken over the puppet’s head, and in its place is a vast web of bladed tentacles like a cross between the many-tentacled Plaga Guadana and the fleshy tentacles of Lies of P’s Green Monster of the Swamp.

Giant Petrification-Mutated Necromorph Enemy

This Petrification mutant is the most terrifying and difficult to defeat out of all the ones you’ll face in Lies of P. This boss, who may be found in a Malum District institution, uses an unusual ranged attack method.

Lies Of P: 5 Scariest Enemy Designs

Like a Necromorph from Dead Space, it has long, sharp spikes protruding from its hands. In addition, this boss looks actually unsettling because it appears to be split in two from the swollen belly all the way up to the face, and its tentacles are flailing about inside.

Jester Puppet

The Jester Puppet is a considerably scarier and intense design, both in terms of the figure and the boss fight, than the Mad Clown puppet. Chapter Seven’s Lorenzini Arcade is where you’ll find this fugitive Krat Festival boss; he could be mistaken for an animatronic from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Lies Of P: 5 Scariest Enemy Designs

Even jesters are unsettling, but this one is a life-size puppet with painted-on features and garb. Its glowing, laser-like eyes and the Edward Scissorhands weapons at the ends of its arms give it a sinister appearance.

Lunging Petrification-Mutated Demodogs

These foes look and act like the Demogorgon Dogs, or Demodogs, from Stranger Things, and we can only hope that they are not the result of the Petrification Disease on Krat’s canine companions. Their quadrupedal bodies and, most noticeably, their similarly expanding faces, contribute to that look.

Lies Of P: 5 Scariest Enemy Designs

These differ from other monsters with the Petrification sickness in that their greenish-yellow traits, such as the many pimples covering their faces and the gases they can expel, set them out visually. They’re not very difficult to beat, but their lunge ability makes them a legitimate threat.

Petrification-Mutated Scorpions

Throughout Carlo Collodi’s original novel, Pinocchio encounters a variety of animals, many of which make spectacular cameos in the game as costumed bosses, but the puppet has never seen anything like the gigantic beast that waits for you outside the Arche Abbey on the Isle of Alchemists.

Lies Of P: 5 Scariest Enemy Designs

What you get if you combine scorpion DNA with the Lickers from Resident Evil and Ergo is something like this. It’s a gigantic, four-legged creature with a stinger, pincers, and luminous blue tendrils that protrude from its back, all of which are protected by a thick layer of Petrification-altered skin.

Lies Of P Gameplay

From a third-person perspective, you assume the role of Pinocchio in ” Lies of P,” the game’s protagonist. As he travels across the game environment, you will be able to observe him from behind. Pinocchio ventures into the dangerous and mysterious city of Krat. You’ll have to use swords and axes to fight against a variety of biomechanical foes as you guide Pinocchio through the game. Fights are difficult, but you can utilise Pinocchio’s mechanical arm to your advantage by equipping weapons like a grappling hook or a flamethrower.

Among the game’s many special features is something called the “Lying System.” This means that the path the game takes depends on the decisions you make at key junctures. Your choices have consequences, much like when you lie or tell the truth in real life. Therefore, it’s not simply about battling; rather, it’s about making decisions that affect the narrative.

Overall, the gameplay in “Lies of P” is exciting, since it has you fighting adversaries, exploring a fascinating setting, and making decisions that have a significant impact on the game’s outcome. The game’s combat, exploration, and narrative elements all work together to create a thrilling and exciting adventure.


Who is the main character in the Lies of P?

The player takes control of Pinocchio, or “P” for short, in Lies of P. As Geppetto’s surrogate son, he is a puppet immune to the chaos. Based on his decisions during Lies of P, he either stays a puppet or grows up to be a genuine kid.

What is the age rating for Lies of P?

This film has been given the PEGI 16 rating because it contains graphic brutality towards fantasy characters as well as sequences of strong and persistent fear.

What is the story of the lies of pi?

Set in Europe during the Belle Époque period (roughly the late 19th to early 20th centuries), Lies of P is a sinister reimagining of the classic tale of Pinocchio the Puppet. You play the role of Pinocchio and are tasked with finding his maker, Mr. Geppetto, and assisting him in his arduous path towards humanhood.