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How to Complete the Sabotage Mission in Starfield


Are you ready to embark on a thrilling and dangerous mission in Starfield? In ‘Sabotage,’ you’ll dive deep into the world of corporate espionage and betrayal. As the protagonist, you’ll face high-stakes challenges, uncover secrets, and make life-altering decisions. After completing ‘The Key Ingredient,’ you’ll meet Dalton on the Executive Level, who reveals shocking information about a possible mole. Navigate through the facility, install the neuroamp device, infiltrate Infinity LTD, and confront Ularu. The fate of the universe rests in your hands. Can you complete the Sabotage mission?

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Starting Sabotage

To start the Sabotage mission, you need to complete The Key Ingredient and then head to the Executive Level to find Dalton in his office. Once you’ve located Dalton, he’ll reveal that Imogene is innocent and Ularu is the likely mole. After this revelation, proceed to the conference room and attend the executive meeting. Once the meeting is over, make your way to the Research and Development floor to speak with Veena and acquire the neuroamp.

Starfield: Sabotage Mission

Following the acquisition, you’ll undergo surgery and have a post-op follow-up with Veena. DeMarcus is available for testing in the observation deck, where you’ll use your Manipulation ability to make him open and exit the testing area. Manipulate DeMarcus to unlock the testing area door with the key, and then inform Masako that the neuroamp is successfully installed.

Testing the Neuroamp

You can now test the neuroamp by using your Manipulation ability to make DeMarcus open and exit the testing area. With the neuroamp successfully installed, it’s time to put its capabilities to the test. Head over to the observation deck where DeMarcus is waiting. Target him with your Scanner and select the Manipulation ability in the Social menu. Use your newfound power to influence DeMarcus to open the door and leave the testing area. Keep manipulating him until he complies with your commands.

Starfield: Sabotage Mission

This won’t only demonstrate the effectiveness of the neuroamp but also showcase your own abilities. Once DeMarcus has exited the testing area, report back to Masako and inform her of the successful installation. The next phase of the mission awaits, where you’ll infiltrate Infinity LTD and confront Ularu.

Inside Infinity

While exploring the depths of Infinity LTD, you uncover a hidden chamber filled with ancient artifacts. The chamber is dimly lit, and the air is thick with the scent of dust and history. As you move closer, your eyes are drawn to a gleaming artifact resting on a pedestal. It’s a golden amulet, intricately carved with symbols that you can’t decipher. Curiosity consumes you, and you reach out to touch it.

Starfield: Sabotage Mission

Suddenly, a surge of energy courses through your body, and a flood of knowledge fills your mind. You realize that these artifacts hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. With newfound determination, you vow to uncover the truth behind Infinity LTD and its enigmatic past.

How to complete the Sabotage mission in Starfield

To complete the Sabotage mission in Starfield, there are several crucial steps that need to be followed:

  1. Meet with Dalton – The first step is to meet with Dalton, who will provide you with the Internal Neuroamp. This device is essential for manipulating certain individuals in the mission.
  2. Install the Internal Neuroamp – Once you have received the Internal Neuroamp from Dalton, you need to install it. This step is necessary to activate the device and make it ready for use.
  3. Use the Neuroamp on Demarcus – After installing the Internal Neuroamp, locate Demarcus and use the device on him. The Neuroamp allows you to manipulate his thoughts and actions, specifically to convince him to open a door that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Meeting with Dalton and installing the Internal Neuroamp

After meeting with Dalton and discussing the plan with Masako, you can proceed to install the Internal Neuroamp. Head to the Research and Development floor and find Veena. She’ll guide you through the surgery and implantation process. Once the procedure is complete, have a post-op follow-up with Veena to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Starfield: Sabotage Mission

After that, it’s time to test the Neuroamp. DeMarcus will be available for testing in the observation deck. Use your Manipulation ability to make him open and exit the testing area. Manipulate him further to unlock the testing area door with the key. Once the testing is successful, return to Masako and inform her that the Neuroamp is successfully installed. With the Neuroamp in place, you’re now ready to proceed with the next phase of the mission.

How to use the Neuroamp on Demarcus

Use the Neuroamp to manipulate Demarcus into opening the door and progressing through the Sabotage mission in Starfield. As you embark on this crucial mission, the Neuroamp becomes a valuable tool in your hands. After undergoing the surgery and having a post-op follow-up with Veena, it’s time to test the Neuroamp’s capabilities. Head to the observation deck where DeMarcus awaits.

Starfield: Sabotage Mission

With the Manipulation ability activated, target DeMarcus using the Scanner’s Social menu. Interact with the keycard and the door in the glass room, repeatedly manipulating DeMarcus until he finally opens the door. This manipulation is crucial for your infiltration of Infinity Ltd. and the successful completion of the Sabotage mission. Be strategic and use the Neuroamp wisely to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Trigger the Sabotage Mission in Starfield?

To trigger the Sabotage mission in Starfield, complete The Key Ingredient quest. Head to the Executive Level, find Dalton in his office, and attend the executive meeting. Afterward, talk to Veena on the Research and Development floor to acquire the neuroamp.

What Is the Purpose of the Neuroamp and How Do I Acquire It?

The purpose of the neuroamp is to enhance your abilities and manipulate others. You acquire it by undergoing surgery with Veena and testing it on DeMarcus. After a successful installation, report back to Masako.

What Are the Different Approaches to Infiltrating Infinity LTD in the Sabotage Mission?

To infiltrate Infinity LTD in the Sabotage mission, you can choose between sneaking in or causing a distraction. Obtain the access card from the security office or disable the security system, then plant the sabotage device in the main server room and escape undetected.

How Do I Confront Ularu and Extract Information From Him?

Confront Ularu in his office to extract information. Persuade or intimidate him to reveal his motives and the identity of his contact. Decide whether to spare or eliminate him, then report back to Dalton and Masako.

What Are the Possible Resolutions to the Sabotage Mission in Starfield?

There are multiple possible resolutions to the Sabotage mission in Starfield. You can choose to expose Infinity LTD’s actions publicly or take a more covert approach. Execute your chosen plan to neutralize the threat and receive rewards for completing the mission.


In the thrilling mission of Sabotage in Starfield, you navigate through a web of espionage and betrayal, making life-altering decisions along the way. From uncovering secrets to confronting enigmatic figures, the fate of Ryujin Industries and the entire galaxy rests in your hands. Will you successfully complete the mission and overcome the obstacles that lie ahead? The universe awaits your final choice.