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Starfield: Schrodinger III Location


Finding one planet in a galaxy full of unimaginably diverse landscapes is no easy feat. Where, therefore, is Schrodinger’s third son? It lies between the larger cities of Cheyenne (WY), Kryx (KS), and Porrima (NM). Unfortunately, the robust fauna of a high-level star system is one of the main draws to this planet. Starfield’s ideal experience point farm. Find out where in the starfield schrodinger iii is by reading this article.

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Schrodinger III Location in Starfield

Planet Schrodinger III, part of the Schrodinger system, may be found in Starfield directly below Kryx and to the left. However, the route may not be accessible until after you’ve visited other systems.

Starfield: Schrodinger III Location

After upgrading my ship’s grav drive, I was able to rapidly fly from the Cheyenne system to the Schrodinger system, eventually arriving in orbit over Schrodinger III.

Starfield: Schrodinger III Location

If you don’t have my good fortune, open the system map and locate the planet above the blue star. A diamond marker will be visible in orbit; for the time being, you can disregard it and instead select a landing site on Schrodinger III’s surface.

Schrodinger III Stats and Details

Starfield: Schrodinger III Location

Planet Stats

  • Type: Rock
  • Gravity: 1.07 G
  • Temperature: Temperate
  • Atmosphere: STD 02
  • Magnetosphere: Unknown
  • Fauna: Abundant
  • Flora: Abundant
  • Water: Safe


  • Argon
  • Chlorine
  • Cobalt
  • Iron
  • Nickel
  • Water

Planet Traits

  • Ecological Consortium
  • Global Glacial Recession

Why You Should Visit Schrodinger III in Starfield

Starfield: Schrodinger III Location

Starfield’s Schrodinger III is crawling with creatures, all of which can be destroyed for varied amounts of experience points. However, most of these animals will either not attack you or will not be a serious challenge. Herding Loxodont Grazers are common and can produce up to 80 XP for each kill, whereas Ankylosaurus are worth hunting because each kill is worth over 100 XP.

Numerous smaller lifeforms, including flying species, provide a little XP when killed, and so do Pack Scarabs, which provide a large amount of XP but are the most dangerous of the creatures you will meet because they will leap at you. Suppose you want to level up and take on challenges between levels, such as eliminating adversaries of a certain type or stealing biological materials.

Starfield: Schrodinger III Location

In that case, Schrodinger III is the place to go. I swiftly finished my Zoology skill objective, which required me to gather resources from 100 species, while concurrently farming XP on Schrodinger III.


What happened to Earth in Starfield?

After the invention of the Grav Drive in the mid-2100s, Earth’s entire inhabitants was compelled to leave their home planet. This groundbreaking discovery was made by Dr. Victor Aiza and catapulted humankind into space to begin colonizing other planets.

What all can you do in Starfield?

Travel the galaxy and visit over a thousand planets. Explore perilous bases, wild landscapes, and crowded cities. You’ll get to know and maybe even recruit a colorful cast of characters as you travel the Settled Systems on quests.

What happens to my old ship when I get a new one Starfield?

Taking command of a new ship doesn’t mean you’re giving up your previous ship. Even though you can only have one Home Ship in operation at a time, all of your ships are still out there.

Will Starfield be bigger than Skyrim?

About 14.5 square miles make up Skyrim’s map. Although it has not been confirmed, speculation is that Starfield’s map could be 100-1,000 times larger than Skyrim’s.