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Sea of Stars: Wheel Champions Guide


The optional (and highly addicting) minigame Wheels can be played in Sea of Stars. You’ll need to track down every Wheels Champion and defeat them all to gain access to the game’s last secret. Even if you don’t engage with it right away, you’ll be able to pick up a game of Wheels at any of the local taverns or bars; the regulars there are called “Champions,” and they’ll have a table set up for you to play. Learn all about the Sea of Stars Wheel of Champions Guide right now!

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Wheels Explained in Sea of Stars

The basic premise of Wheels is that each player controls two heroes, one on their attacking side and one on their defending side of the table. To keep your units active, you’ll need to keep matching the Candy Crush tiles in the center of the table. Meanwhile, your heroes will gain experience (represented by the six lights under them) and evolve, making them more powerful and able to deal more damage to the enemy’s life points (or “Crown”).

Sea of Stars: Wheel Champions Guide

It’s not all roses, though; the composition of your units and your choice of hero figures will determine the course of combat. Also, not every hero will be available to you right away. Only the Warrior and the Mage will be available to you at the outset; additional will become available as you progress through Sea of Stars and beat more champions. This means that your strategy will evolve throughout the game based on the number of heroes at your disposal.

All Wheels Champions Locations

  • You can use the Falcon-eyed Parrot relic, unlocked after gathering 27 Rainbow Conchs, to scan each bar in the game in search of the champions.
  • The bars of Brisk, Stonemason’s Outpost, Town of Lucent, Mooncradle, Docarria Lake, Mirth, The Vespertine Ship, Skylands, Repine, and Clockwork Castle all feature them.
  • The Wheels table can be purchased from the Watchmaker in Clockwork Castle for 250G and then brought to Repine.
  • Since some of these champions are only available after completing certain story chapters, saving them for the game’s finish is better.

Sea of Stars: Wheel Champions Guide

  • If you beat one champion, you get the same award as if you beat them both. Like Ash’s Pokemon badges, there are “wheel” awards, such as “Silver Wheel,” “Gold Wheel,” and so on. When you defeat your first champion, you receive the Archer figure; when you defeat your fourth champion, you receive the Engineer figurine; when you defeat your sixth champion, you receive the Priest figurine; and when you defeat your eighth champion, you receive the Assassin figurine.
  • You can challenge the Watchmaker for one of four rare Flimsy Hammers after killing the ninth champion and receiving the Platinum Wheel.

How to Win at Wheels in Sea of Stars

Let’s talk strategy now that you know the rules. To begin, think back on what it is that every hero does. Consider your opponent’s line and build a strategy around it. Having a Warrior on the other team would necessitate protecting a Bulmark at all costs. On the other hand, if you have an Assassin on your squad, you’ll need to pay extra attention to turn delays, prioritize efficiency, or recruit a Priest.

Then, make changes to your strategy in light of field conditions. If your enemy is near death and you have an Assassin, you should prioritize strengthening them and unleashing a devastating assault.

Sea of Stars: Wheel Champions Guide

However, if you need more precise guidance, remember always to have the Mage in your lineup. Once again, it makes two attacks, the second of which is always aimed for the Crown no matter how high the opposing Bulwark is. Without Bulwark, both assaults would be directed at the Crown. The Mage’s destruction of enemy Bulwarks makes it easier for other heroes (such the Warrior and the Ranger) to do their damage. It has strong synergy with any partner it is given.

All Wheels Champion Wheel and Figurine Rewards

The Watchmaker is the final Wheels Champion you must defeat, but the other nine can be tackled in any order you like throughout Sea of Stars. No matter who you tackle or when you tackle them, the following is always the order of prizes:

  • Bronze Wheel.
  • Archer Figurine.
  • Silver Wheel.
  • Engineer Figurine.
  • Gold Wheel.
  • Priest Figurine.
  • Diamond Wheel.
  • Assassin Figurine.
  • Platinum Wheel.

You can challenge The Watchmaker once you’ve won nine Wheels Champions matches. If you can win her Champion round, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Flimsy Hammer.
  • Clockwork Champion trophy/achievement.


What is the best strategy for wheels sea of stars?

For the mage, success can be achieved most simply by concentrating on securing symbols. The wizard should be paired with a figure that can easily defeat the opponent’s chosen figures.

What are the wheels ranks in sea of stars?

Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum are the tiers of the player wheel. The goal of the game is to use Hero assaults and bombs to reduce the health of the enemy Crown to zero.

What is the best ultimate weapon in Sea of Stars?

In Sea of Stars, Valere and Zale’s greatest weapons are the Moon Bo and Sun Blade, respectively, and they provide a significant edge while fighting the game’s final boss. Each playable character in the game has their own arsenal of weaponry that can be used in various situations.