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SteelSeries and Tricked Esport are now partners


Danish esports organisation Tricked Esport has recently signed a partnership with SteelSeries, a gaming peripheral company.

The latest news on the matter says that SteelSeries will provide Tricked Esport’s players with esports and gaming gear. The company has also been named the official peripherals brand for Tricked Esport.

Tricked Esport was founded in 2012 and it currently hosts teams in CS:GO, Fortnite, FIFA, and League of Legends. Recently, the company sold its League of Legends European regional league lot in the NLC to Astralis. Tricked Esport also runs a project for young and upcoming esports players who have the chance to play VALORANT, Rocket Leagues, and other popular esports titles.

eSports has massively gained its popularity over the years, as a sport and also as a betting activity. In fact, it is now present in most countries around the world, including eSports betting in Australia. In 2019, the number of eSports enthusiasts totalled to just under 400 million. At this current growth rate, it is estimated that by 2024, this number will rise up to over 285 million frequent viewers of eSports worldwide, and around 291.6 million occasional viewers.

Tricked Esports CEO and Founder, Morten Jensen, commented ‘We are thrilled to see SteelSeries continue and further scale their support for our mission. It’s exhilarating to find a partner that is equally passionate about our work with talent development and the education sector of esports. The goal of Tricked continues to be developing talents by establishing structure and transparency in learning for participants enrolled in Tricked classes throughout Denmark.’

Just last year, SteelSeries was in the news after being sold to GN Store Nort, a Denmark hearing aid manufacturer. The company also sealed the deal with a number of prominent esports entities like the Dota 2 International and BLAST Premier.