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Street Fighter 6: How to Play Cammy (Move List, Combos & Tips)


Are you ready to step into the ring and unleash your fighting skills with Cammy in Street Fighter 6? Cammy’s speed and agility make her a formidable force, but mastering her gameplay and strategy can be a challenge. In this guide, we’ll provide you with essential tips and strategies to play Cammy like a seasoned fighter. From understanding her moves to countering opponents, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to dominate the ring and unleash the power of Cammy!

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Strategies for Cammy

To maximize your success with Cammy, it’s crucial to leverage her agility and prioritize movement and speed. Use her dash instead of Drive Rush to conserve Drive Gauge for pushback combos, and make use of her fast walks as footwork to keep your opponent guessing.

Street Fighter 6 Cammy

It’s also important to avoid punishment traps by checking the enemy with light and medium normals and utilizing moves with on-block frame advantage.

Leverage Cammy’s Agility

Use Cammy’s agility to your advantage by utilizing her dash and fast walks to keep your opponent guessing and create opportunities for offense. Cammy’s quick movements allow her to swiftly navigate the battlefield, making it difficult for your opponent to predict your next move.

By utilizing her dash, you can close the distance between you and your opponent in an instant, catching them off guard and allowing for quick offensive maneuvers. Additionally, Cammy’s fast walks can be used as a deceptive footwork technique, keeping your opponent on their toes and making it harder for them to react to your attacks.

Avoid Punishment Traps

If you want to maximize your success with Cammy, make sure to check the enemy with light and medium normals and get in with moves that have an on-block frame advantage to avoid falling into punishment traps. Cammy’s speed and agility make her a formidable opponent but also prone to heavy punishments if not played carefully.

By using light and medium normals to check the enemy, you can keep them in check and prevent them from punishing your moves. Additionally, using moves with an on-block frame advantage will give you the upper hand, allowing you to maintain pressure on your opponent while minimizing the risk of punishment.

Reduce the Risk with Feints

To minimize the risk and keep your opponents guessing, try incorporating feints into your strategy as Cammy in Street Fighter 6. Feints can be a powerful tool to deceive your opponent and create openings for punishing attacks. Cammy’s Silent Step is her primary feint, allowing you to cancel a Hooligan into a quick drop and test your enemy’s reactions.

You can capitalise on their mistakes by following up with a long-reaching punishment like the Spiral Arrow. Feints add unpredictability to your gameplay and make it harder for your opponents to read your movements and counter effectively. Keep them on their toes and dominate the ring with Cammy’s feints in Street Fighter 6.

Cammy’s Move List

You might find it interesting to know that Cammy’s move list in Street Fighter 6 consists of 22 moves, including ten Specials, five Unique Moves, four Super Arts, and three Throws. These moves provide Cammy with diverse options to attack and defend against her opponents. From her Spiral Arrow and Cannon Spike Special Moves to her Lift Uppercut and Delayed Ripper Unique Moves, Cammy has a wide array of tools at her disposal.

Street Fighter 6 Cammy

Her four Super Arts, such as the Spin Drive Smasher and Delta Red Assault, allow her to unleash devastating attacks when her Super Gauge is full. With her move list, Cammy offers players the opportunity to master her versatile playstyle and dominate in the world of Street Fighter 6.

Cammy’s Move Input Type
Lift Uppercut 4MP Unique Attack
Delayed Ripper 6HK Unique Attack
Assault Blade 4HK Unique Attack
Lift Combination 4MK + HK Unique Attack
Swing Combination HP + HK Unique Attack
Spiral Arrow QCF + K (or HK) Special Move
Cannon Spike 623 + K (or HK) Special Move
Quick Spin Knuckle QCB + P Special Move
Cannon Strike QCB + K Special Move
Hooligan Combination QCF + P (or HP) Special Move
Razor’s Edge Slicer QCF + P Special Move
Hooligan Cannon Strike QCF + P + K Special Move
Reverse Edge QCF + P + Down K Special Move
Fatal Leg Twister QCF + P + LP + LK Special Move
Silent Step QCF + P + P Special Mov
Spin Drive Smasher Double-QCF + K Super Art Lv. 1
Killer Bee Spin Double-QCB + K Super Art Lv. 2
Aerial Killer Bee Spin Double-QCB + K (Aerial) Super Art Lv. 2
Delta Red Assault Double-QCF + P Super Art Lv. 3
Rough Landing LP + LK (forward or neutral) Throw
Delta Throw Back LP + LK Throw
Leg Scissors Choke Jumping LP + LK Throw

Pros and Cons of Playing Cammy

Playing Cammy has its pros and cons. On the positive side, her fast movement and offensive playstyle make her a formidable opponent. She also has cost-effective mix-ups and speedy punishment moves. However, her punishable move, vulnerability to grapples, and low-damage basic combos are some of the downsides to consider. What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of playing Cammy?


The pros of playing Cammy include her fast movement, offensive playstyle, cost-effective mix-ups, and speedy punishment moves. With her agility and quick dashes, Cammy can easily maneuver around the battlefield and close the gap between her and her opponents in a matter of seconds.

Her offensive playstyle allows players to take control of the match and constantly pressure their foes with relentless attacks. Furthermore, Cammy’s mix-up game is highly effective and doesn’t require excessive resources, making her a cost-effective choice.

Lastly, her punishment moves are incredibly fast, allowing players to swiftly punish their opponent’s mistakes and turn the tide of the battle in their favor. Playing Cammy grants you the advantage of speed, aggression, versatility, and quick reactions, making her a formidable fighter in any match.


Cammy’s major flaw lies in her vulnerability to grapples, which can leave her open to devastating attacks. Being a fast-paced character, she relies heavily on her movement and speed to outmaneuver her opponents. However, this agility can work against her when facing opponents who excel in grappling techniques.

When caught in a grapple, Cammy is susceptible to taking significant damage and being unable to escape easily. This weakness forces players to be cautious and strategic in their approach, ensuring they maintain distance and avoid close-quarter combat situations whenever possible.

How to Counter Cammy

To effectively counter Cammy, utilize your character’s fast and reliable anti-air moves to punish her aerial attacks. Cammy excels in the air with her Cannon Strike and Hooligan Combination, so it’s crucial to have a strong anti-air game.

Street Fighter 6 Cammy

Be ready to react quickly and use moves like uppercuts or air-to-air attacks to knock her out of the sky. Additionally, be mindful of Cammy’s pressure and frame advantage on block. Look for opportunities to interrupt her offense with well-timed counters or reversals.

Keep in mind that Cammy’s strength lies in her speed and mix-up potential, so staying patient and maintaining a solid defense is key. By capitalizing on her vulnerabilities and shutting down her aerial game, you can turn the tide in your favor against Cammy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Advanced Strategies for Playing Cammy?

To master Cammy’s advanced strategies, focus on her rapid gameplay and high-risk strategy. Leverage her agility, avoid punishment traps, and reduce risk with feints. Use her move list and execute combos effectively to dominate your opponents.

How Do I Effectively Use Cammy’s Feints and Mix-Ups?

To effectively use Cammy’s feints and mix-ups, you need to be deceptive and unpredictable. Utilize her Silent Step feint to test your opponent’s reaction and follow up with punishing attacks like Spiral Arrow. Keep them guessing and capitalize on their mistakes.

What Are Some of Cammy’s Strongest Combos in Street Fighter 6?

Cammy has some strong combos in Street Fighter 6. One of her easiest and most effective combos is back heavy kick into Spiral Arrow. For more advanced players, try her Overdrive Cannon Strike combo for unpredictability.

How Can I Escape Corner Pressure With Cammy?

To escape corner pressure with Cammy, utilize her OD Spiral Arrow in Overdrive mode to switch positions with your opponent and corner them instead. This move also confuses opponents and forces them to change their guard.

What Are Some Tips for Countering Cammy’s Aggressive Playstyle?

To counter Cammy’s aggressive playstyle, focus on punishing her risky moves and exploiting her vulnerabilities. Use characters with strong defensive options and keep your distance to avoid falling into her high-speed traps.


In conclusion, mastering Cammy in Street Fighter 6 requires practice and understanding of her unique skills and strategies. By leveraging her speed and agility, avoiding punishment traps, and utilizing feints, you can become a formidable fighter. Knowing Cammy’s move list and the best combos will maximize your damage and increase your chances of victory. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, this guide has provided you with essential tips to dominate the ring and unleash the power of Cammy.