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Street Fighter 6: How Does World Tour Work


Single-player options are nothing new to the Street Fighter series, though they have typically been limited to arcade and training modes. While Street Fighter V’s cinematic story mode and individual character tale battles were great additions, Street Fighter 6’s World Tour feature is entirely new. Learn the ins and outs of Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode by reading this article!

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What is World Tour Mode In Street Fighter 6?

The story of SF6 takes place in World Tour mode, and it is in this mode that your avatar can be levelled up for use in the Battle Hub. In addition to the tale, it offers a wealth of educational tools, a compelling levelling system, and a unique combination of overworld exploration and traditional 2D warfare.

Street Fighter 6: How Does World Tour Work

Overworld encounters with goons and other nasties intent on KOing the player are included in this mode, as are consumables that refill health, improve stats, and more that can be used during a fight. This results in entertaining run-ins in the middle of the street when an NPC comes around the corner and smacks you with a powerful Shoryuken.

Street Fighter’s global representation is essential in World Tour. The whole point is to have the game’s most recognizable figures serve as your teacher and teach you their signature combat moves. As you develop and learn from them, you’ll pick up their unique movements and be able to mix and match them to create your unique style.

How much customization is there in World Tour?

When it comes to designing your own avatar, you’ll have a lot of creative leeway. Its character creator is extremely customizable, much like the one in Saints Row, allowing you to choose your avatar’s body, face, hair, height, and a great deal of other aspects of their appearance.

You also have a variety of clothing and accessory options to pick from, giving you the ability to build a Street Fighter character that looks exactly like you or one that is based on your own appearance.

Can you Play as other SF6 characters in World Tour?

Street Fighter 6: How Does World Tour Work

It appears that the only way to play in World Tour is as your own personal avatar at this point. Nevertheless, the remaining members of the cast will make cameos at various points. When you come across powerful characters like Ryu and Chun-Li, you will have the opportunity to study under them and pick up their moves.

After that, you’ll be able to employ these strategies both in combat and while adventuring throughout the world. For instance, Chun-Li’s Spinning Bird Kick may be utilized to traverse gaps, whereas Ryu’s Hadouken is capable of destroying all types of obstacles.

All Street Fighter 6 Characters

At its launch, Street Fighter 6 will offer a cast of 18 fighters, and new characters are slated to join the list in future updates. Street Fighter 6 first DLC season, as confirmed at the SF6 Showcase, would introduce four new characters, bringing the roster to a total of 22 unique opponents.

Each character in Street Fighter 6 has their own fighting style, special moves, and theme music, making for a really immersive gaming experience. More characters will be added to the game’s roster as development continues, giving players a wider variety of options when they engage in battle.


How do you get stronger in Street Fighter 6 World Tour?

Players gain levels and more abilities when they defeat NPCs and finish objectives, which are rewarded with Experience Points. The World Tour mode features a concept called Style EXP that rewards players for mastering each Master’s strategy.

How long is World Tour mode Street Fighter 6?

You can complete Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode in about 25 hours, though it will take longer if you want to raise all of your Bond Levels and earn all of your Style EXP with your Masters. There’s a lot to accomplish in the game, and you might even have some Missions left over.

Can you play Street Fighter 6 World Tour offline?

World Tour and Fighting Ground modes are playable even if you can’t connect to the internet. That means you may either play the game’s story mode or face off against AI versions of Ryu, Blanka, Cammy, and the rest of the cast.

Is SF6 World Tour difficulty?

Unfortunately, a difficulty setting is not available in Street Fighter 6: World Tour. In other words, it’s a lot like Dark Souls in that you have to roll with the punches from the get-go.

How much gb is Street Fighter 6?

Around 60GB of storage space is needed on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in order to play Street Fighter 6. The size of the Street Fighter 6 download is roughly 60GB. The PC/Steam version needs 60GB of free space, whereas the Xbox One version needs about 57GB.