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How to Get All Diesel Clues in Jagged Alliance 3


Even though there are various paths to completing Diesel, not all of them are “correct,” as demonstrated by not receiving the related award and eventually in the epilogue, making it one of the more enigmatic missions in Jagged Alliance 3. Talk to Siegfried in the Drachenberg Mine outside of Landsbach to begin the assignment. If you inquire about the mine, he will ask you to find Diesel for him and give you the property as a gift. Get out in this article, where you can get all of the diesel hints in Jagged Alliance 3:

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How to Get All Diesel Clues in Jagged Alliance 3

After you and Siegfried have finished talking, you can look through his desk for the first clue. Do not instantly rapidly travel after leaving his home. Inspect the fuel tank that is closer to the mine. Bonecrusher, who Diesel powers up, lives in one of the houses, so you can check on him as well.

The next step is to visit the Landsbach Night Club after dark. Ask Bounce about Diesel, and he’ll give you the next piece of information. Take the elevator to the second floor of the warehouse and enter the office with the computer. The office looks down directly on the nightclub’s battleground. Check the laptop for additional information.

How to Get All Diesel Clues in Jagged Alliance 3

The next piece of information will be unlocked once you successfully complete a cage match against Bonecrusher. If you don’t want to talk to Travis at the Old Gas Station, you may always chat to Mole and give him $5,000 to receive directions there. Check it out with the stoner and go over the van’s wreckage to see if you can get any more information.

When you’re finished with Travis, head west to the adjacent sector, wipe out the big Legion party there, and check out the vans in front of the enormous track. The Diesel has been located and is now ready for looting. Go to Camp Grand Prix and investigate a fuel tank at the top of the hill for another clue.

How to Get All Diesel Clues in Jagged Alliance 3

With all those clues in tow, you can now visit Siegfried and inform him you know he’s been using Diesel to augment his soldiers. He will then go on a Hitlerian rant, at which point you can announce that you will not be honoring the agreement. As a result, Siegfried’s guards will become hostile, and your group will need to deal with the ones nearest to them as soon as possible.

Keep your distance from the scouts; they’ve got explosives, and you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. You may really let quite a few of Siegfried’s soldiers kill each other because Bounce and his pals will assault and be hostile to both you and them. At that point, the accomplishment should have been unlocked and the task finished.

How to Save Refugee Camp Jagged Alliance 3?

How to Get All Diesel Clues in Jagged Alliance 3

The only way to delay the disaster that will occur in the Refugee camp is for you to receive a distress call from Biff and then immediately intervene to stop the attacking Legion unit from reaching his section. If you leave Biff up north, you should be safe for at least a few months because the Légion will not send any additional squads.

How Do You Increase Loyalty in Jagged Alliance 3?

How to Get All Diesel Clues in Jagged Alliance 3

Players will need to ensure that either their Mercenaries are present or that a strong Militia has been trained in order to defend them. Players will be notified when a settlement is under attack via the Satellite View, and being in place to defend will help win increased Loyalty from the target settlement.


Who do you give the diesel to in Jagged Alliance 3?

Once you’ve gathered enough proof, you can return to Siegfried and give him a call. If you refuse to give him the hormone diesel and confront him about it, he will attack you and you will earn the Achievement for beating him.

Is Jagged Alliance 3 coming to consoles?

All pre-orders of Jagged Alliance 3 begin 48 hours before the game’s official release. Jagged Alliance 3 will be playable on the Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

How do you buy aim gold in Jagged Alliance 3?

With $20,000 in hand, of course you can make the purchase. Just contact a legendary merc on the AIM website and it will pop up again. Later in the narrative, you also receive it at no cost.

What is the best assault rifle in Jagged Alliance 3?

When it comes to dealing damage, the FN FAL is generally your best bet. The AK-74 is a better choice in the long run, dealing 3×15 damage and penetrating more armor, but it has fewer available attachments.