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Street Fighter 6 – How to Block


In Street Fighter 6, astute warriors know how to block and prevail, but true fighters know how to strike and be aggressive. Although it is possible to win by hitting and kicking, this strategy isn’t always the most effective. The good news is that regardless of the control system players choose, learning how to block in Street Fighter 6 is not too difficult. Thus, the next post will walk you through how to block in Street Fighter 6:

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How to Block

In Street Fighter 6, blocking is as simple as holding the left analog stick in the opponent’s opposite direction. However, keep in mind that technique can only block assaults to the upper body, thus players will also need to learn how to use crouched blocks. These are executed by holding the left analog stick diagonally down and away from the direction of the approaching assault. They resemble standard blocks in many ways.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Block

How to Block Cross-Ups

Cross-ups are special movements that are intended to fool and expose opposing players. It’s just a skillfully timed aerial maneuver that catches an opponent in the back. Although it takes skill and quick thinking to block a cross-up, someone will almost certainly try to strike you with one if you notice them trying to jump over you. In such a situation, quickly reverse the direction that you are obstructing.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Block

How to Block Overheads

As we just discussed, the purpose of overheads is to free up players who are continually blocking all highs and lows. You will always be hit if you continue to hold down during these moves because they must always be blocked standing. Since they typically start slowly to give the opposition time to react, skilled players change up their pressure by avoiding overusing overheads.

Regarding overheads, let me add that all aerial maneuvers have this characteristic. Note which fighters could be problematic for you; not all fighters have grounded overheads available to them.

How to Block Drive Impacts

Drive Impacts can breach normal blocks since they are significantly more potent than standard strikes. Consequently, the most effective approach to handle them is to execute a Drive Parry, which can be executed by holding down Triangle and Circle (PlayStation) or Y and B (Xbox) when playing Street Fighter 6 on Classic or by hitting R1 (PlayStation) or RB (Xbox) when using the Modern control style.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Block

A Drive Parry exposes players to throws, much like a standard block does. Players are only allowed to use Drive Parries a certain number of times, thus it’s important to use them carefully rather than just randomly.


How do you guard in Street Fighter?

By hitting the directional button in the opposite direction of your opponent, you can block their assaults. Guards can be either crouching or standing. Since each can be used to stop various kinds of attacks, you’ll need to figure out which kind of protection is appropriate in each circumstance. While in the air, you are unable to guard.

What button is block in Street Fighter?

In Street Fighter 6, blocking is as simple as holding the left analog stick in the opponent’s opposite direction.

How many buttons are in Street Fighter 6?

The traditional six-button controller. You can add more weapons to your fighting armory by using the range of buttons available to you.

What is lock in Street Fighter 6?

The word has undoubtedly appeared on the screen at various times while you’ve been playing, and judging by how it did so, it also most likely confused several players when it did. “Lock” is essentially a condition that is initiated to stop actual unblockable circumstances.

Is Street Fighter 6 easier?

With the help of new control modes in Street Fighter 6, players can now enjoy the flow of fight without having to memorize complex command inputs. Gamers may dive straight into the action whether they are new to Street Fighter or haven’t played a fighting game in a long time.