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Street Fighter 6: Dhalsim Guide


Now that eager gamers everywhere have Street Fighter 6, you must familiarize yourself with your playable characters and the opponents you’ll face. Dhalsim, who debuted in Street Fighter 2, is notorious for being one of the most bizarre characters in the series, making him challenging to play without first doing some background research. The Dhalsim guide for Street Fighter 6 is detailed here.

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Who is Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6?

Dhalsim, a character in Street Fighter 6, is a Yoga expert who has developed incredible control over his body. Dhalsim is particularly terrifying because of how unpredictable he is, thanks to his extraordinary ability to stretch his limbs to incredible lengths and breathe fire.

Dhalsim is described as cold and unreadable, although some characters, including Ryu and Cammy in Street Fighter 5, seek him out for training. Dhalsim resigned after a fight in Street Fighter 2, only to return in Street Fighter 4. Since then, he has become a mainstay of the series, with ties to characters ranging from the heroic Guile to the villainous M. Bison.

How to Play Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6

Dhalsim, a playable character in Street Fighter 6, is a master of deception and often defies expectations. He can fight at a distance, breach guards, and close a gap with ease because to his elastic limbs and hard-hitting projectiles. If your opponent tries an air assault, you can easily block it using Dhalsim’s basic moves.

Street Fighter 6: Dhalsim Guide

His Yoga Arch is an arching projectile that may be used as a great spacing technique and to keep opponents at bay. With this projectile hanging overhead, regular attacks become less effective. They’ll have to use their wits on the go to outsmart him.

How to Counter Dhalsim

Dhalsim is a tricky opponent because of his agility and arsenal of tricks. Combatants with high movement speed who can quickly close the distance to Dhalsim while dodging his multiple fire strikes will have the best chance of defeating him. Combatants like Cammy, Luke, and Marisa, who can utilize armor effects to rush way down, are particularly well-suited to countering Dhalsim’s trickery.

Street Fighter 6: Dhalsim Guide

Strategies for Dhalsim

Dhalsim is more effective at a distance, as he can steadily chip away at his foes’ health with his fire powers. If the enemy gets too near, switch between Dhalsim’s long-range sweep kicks and high assaults to keep them guessing.

Street Fighter 6: Dhalsim Guide

  • Establish command quickly. At the outset of battle, his Medium Punch, Heavy Punch, and Heavy Kick can damage Dhalsim’s foes. You may quickly establish your dominance and deal significant damage with these attacks.
  • Accept the difficulty. Dhalsim’s basic punches and kicks may easily cut through an opponent’s guard and create up a hole for a deadly special move because of his ability to quickly switch between low, mid, and high strikes.
  • Ranged attackers, beware! Dhalsim is one of the few long-range fighters in the game, and he is particularly good at maintaining a safe distance from his opponents while slowly draining their health. Keep the bad guys from closing in by using his fireballs and lengthy fists.

Dhalsim’s Move List

With a total of 25 moves (including just unique movements and omitting common moves), Dhalsim’s move list is among the longest in the game.

Move Description Type
Yoga Inferno Unleash flames to the front, changing direction based on input Special Art 1
Yoga Sunburst Conjure an enormous fireball that travels in an arch. Input can be held for an improved effect Special Art 2
Merciless Yoga A devastating flurry of palm strikes followed by a headbutt Special Art 3
Yoga Fire Launch a fireball to the front Special Move
Yoga Arch Lob a fireball in the air that travels in an arch Special Move
Yoga Flame Release a blast of flames directly in front Special Move
Yoga Blast An upward blast of flames that can launch enemies into the air Special Move
Yoga Comet Launch a downward fireball while midair Special Move
Yoga Float Hover in the air for a moment. Can be used to dodge attacks and set up combos Special Move
Aerial Yoga Float Transition to floating from jumping Special Move
Yoga Teleport Warp a short distance towards or away from the enemy. Can be used to dodge attacks and set up combos Special Move
Aerial Yoga Teleport Warp a short distance while midair Special Move
Yoga Uppercut A quick aerial counter that can be canceled into special moves Unique Attack
Yoga Lance A long, upward punch Unique Attack
Nirvana Punch A low punch that can be canceled into special moves Unique Attack
Agile Kick A quick low strike that cannot be blocked standing Unique Attack
Divine Kick A quick body kick. Can be canceled into special moves Unique Attack
Thrust Kick A low kick with a good reach that cannot be blocked standing. Can be canceled into special moves Unique Attack
Yoga Mountain An upward kick that knocks the enemy back Unique Attack
Karma Kick A sweeping kick that knocks the enemy down. Cannot be blocked standing Unique Attack
Yoga Mummy An aerial headbutt that can be canceled into special moves Unique Attack
Drill Kick An aerial spinning kick Unique Attack
Yoga Smash Grab the enemy, striking them three times in the face Throw
Yoga Throw Grab the enemy and throw them, switching sides Throw
Yoga Splash Grab the enemy’s legs and slam them to the ground. Then throw them back Throw

How to Unlock Dhalsim’s Classic Outfit, Outfit 2

In order to gain access to Dhalsim’s secondary outfit, you must raise his Bond to its maximum level while he is your master. One option is to mimic his approach and engage in verbal sparring with him; another is to lavish him with gifts.

Street Fighter 6: Dhalsim Guide

Old Nayshall is the best place to find Dhalsim’s preferred present, Instant Curry Ultra Mild. Talking to one of his followers in the Temple will reveal this information. Breaking Dhalsim’s bond will allow you to obtain his second set of clothes.


Is Dhalsim the strongest?

There’s no denying that Dhalsim is a powerful individual in his own right, but his pacifism prevents him from rising in the ranks. Dhalsim is the calmest and one of the most powerful characters in Street Fighter.

Can Kazuya beat Akuma?

Knowing Devil Kazuya and his fighting style inside and out will make the fight much simpler. Take your time and gently but surely reduce Akuma’s health bar until you’ve won the battle.

How did Dhalsim get his powers?

Due to his extensive yoga training, Dhalsim is now revered to the point of worship. He has the ability to project his own limbs to attack from afar, and he can channel the wrath of Agni, the Hindu deity of fire, to master the element of fire.