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Street Fighter 6 – How to Find Juri


Juri Han has become a fan favorite due to her appearance in Street Fighter 6, where the barefoot femme fatale returns to the franchise. Additionally, in World Tour mode, you can have Juri adopt you as a student and make her your Master, just like you can with any other fighter in the base SF6 game! You will learn how to locate Juri in Street Fighter 6 by reading this article:

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Juri’s Location in World Tour

A Hard-Boiled Adventure is a side quest that opens up at the start of Chapter 12.1. It takes you to Juri, however you have to finish the first part of the main storyline in Chapter 12-1 before you can proceed with the side mission. This lets you access Old National’s The Hangout, where you can transition from day to night.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Find Juri

To begin the task after gaining entrance to The Hangout, visit Old National’s center bazaar during the day and speak with Govind, an NPC. Govind will ask you to speak with Sundal and Kapana, two more NPCs. You’ll need nightfall to talk to them, so head to The Hangout and stay asleep until dusk.

After that, proceed to the South Alley site to see Govind, who is ultimately unfavorable. If you defeat him, Juri will show up there at night. Track her down and throw a fight. Once she agrees to teach you her fighting method, proceed with the chat by making the dialogue choices that advance the exchange.

How to Unlock Juri as a Master

In all of Street Fighter 6, Juri’s Master unlock mission is among the longest. You must first progress the narrative all the way to Chapter 11–4. This is no small feat—the story spans at least ten hours. After that, you’ll need to search Nayshall Bazaar for the side mission A Hardboiled Adventure.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Find Juri

Assist Govind, the detective, in finding the attacker. You must travel to Naychall at night to complete this assignment, which is only accessible after Chapter 12-1. After you defeat Govind, go to Bazaar at night and meet Juri by going through the alley.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Find Juri

She will fight you, but whether you win or lose, she will still be attracted to you. Speak with her and offer to become her pupil, and presto! In the World Tour mode of Street Fighter 6, Juri is now your master!


What happens if you beat Juri Street Fighter 6 World Tour?

Whether you win or lose this battle will not change the plot since both will lead to the same conclusion. This concludes the fight, and a new cutscene will begin. Bosch will give you a chip before he and Juri depart. You’ll finish the mission after the scene.

What is the fastest way to unlock costumes in sf6?

Purchasing the alternate outfits for Street Fighter 6 with Fighter Coins is the quickest way to unlock them. Costumes are available for 50 Fighter Coins, and the cost is the same for other colors. These are real money items, though.

Can you get Akuma in Street Fighter 6?

The Character Pass for Year 1 costs $29.99. You will receive Akuma along with the other four DLC fighters.

How do you unlock costume colors in SF6?

In Street Fighter 6, players must buy colors for their characters from the Shop using 1,000 Drive Tickets or 50 Fighter Coins.

How old is Chun in SF6?

Chun-Li was born on March 1, 1968, according to in-game information from Street Fighter II. This would make her 55 years old in Street Fighter 6. Whoa! We think Chun-Li looks fairly decent considering her age.