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Street Fighter 6 – How to Get A.K.I


A.K.I., also known as Aki, is a lethal assassin who stuns and defeats her enemies with poison before closing with an unusual maneuver and cutting you to pieces with her ferocious claws. A.K.I., Street Fighter 6’s newest character, is at last appearing in the wild, causing a stir. However, you’ll need to clear a few obstacles to unlock her if you wish to employ her moveset for your avatar fighter. You may learn how to obtain aki in Street Fighter 6 by reading this article:

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How to Unlock or Get A.K.I

To make A.K.I. a Master, you must first go to Chun-Li, one of the other Chinese martial art masters,’ training grounds in SF6. Talk to Lao Mao, the elderly woman there, whining about exhaustion. She will assign you the task. Good Medical Care Is Hard to Find. After you give her an Energy Drink (any size will do), she will also tell you that she has back discomfort. She says that a herbal medicine belonging to a man named Fang Fei will relieve her suffering.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Get A.K.I

You will find Fang Fei, who is none other than the deadly F.A.N.G., if you follow the mission objective to a position under the steps of the MHM Stadium. But Fang Fei doesn’t appear intent on hurting anyone (although, he mentions remnants of Shadaloo, so whatever). To prepare the herbal remedy, he sends you to China to gather materials.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Get A.K.I

Tian Hong Yuan, China, will be your new location when you check your World Tour map. When you visit for the first time, a cutscene will play, showing you how A.K.I. handles a pickpocket in her own special style.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Get A.K.I

Talk to A.K.I. after that, and she will give you the components and approve you to be a student. To complete the mission, go back to Fang Fei and speak with Lao Mao.

What are the Strategies for A.K.I.

A.K.I, the second DLC character in Street Fighter 6, is a long-range, difficult fighter that uses snake kung fu and poisoned claws to destroy her opponents thoroughly. A.K.I.’s poison is activated by a few of her special techniques and her superpowers. Once activated, it deals a certain amount of damage to adversaries over an extended period of time.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Get A.K.I

She is also a very adept mobile fighter, with a variety of mobility skills that allow players to quickly alter the battle’s range while surreptitiously throwing many strikes into the mix. Several fundamental tactics for playing A.K.I. consist of:

  • Regulate the fight’s tempo. When it comes to attack startup and execution speed, A.K.I. has an amazing array of attacks. You can mix and match slower sweeping attacks with quick, fast strikes to put your opponents on the defensive.
  • Move slowly and slide. A.K.I. has special mobility and counterattack possibilities with the Snake Step and Sinister Slide. To keep opponents guessing, learn all of the variants and follow-ups for these exceptional attacks.
  • The greatest defense is avoidance. A.K.I.’s poison is one of her strongest tools for dealing harm because it continues to work on foes until she is damaged. When adversaries are poisoned, use her evasive special moves to enhance the damage over time dealt.


How do you unlock Aki costume in SF6?

A.K.I. Alternative unlock method: In World Tour mode, establish a level 100 friendship with A.K.I. You can accomplish this by giving her presents and finishing tasks for her.

How do you get Jamie as a master SF6?

Jamie is a little difficult to locate. You must enter the Chinatown alley when in Metro City at night. You can go up the neighboring ladder and onto the roof to converse and train with him after he gets into a battle, which will set up his intro.

What is the mystery code in SF6?

Although it may be difficult for you to deduce the right code combination once you have all three posters, the posters themselves reveal it to you (in secret). Keeping that in mind, open the Messages app on your in-game phone and enter the code 332951 to advance to the mission’s next stage!

How do you unlock JP as a master?

Once the World Tour mode tale is finished, return at night to the “Suval’hal Arena – Entrance” in Old Nayshall. On the map, JP will be located somewhat south of your spawn point. If you talk to him, he will consent to be your master.

How do you get Kimberly as a master sf6?

You must finish the Chapter as a whole and the Chapter 8-7 task in order to unlock Kimberly as a Master. Kimberly can then be found at night on the rooftop of the Police Station next to your hideout at the beginning of Chapter 9-1. Beat Street has a ladder leading up to this spot.