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Layers of Fear (2023) – Escaping the Upside Down Room


After the fifth iteration of the magnum opus is unveiled, Layer of Fear (2023) is full of puzzles to twist players’ brains, such as the telephone puzzle in the study of the Painter’s Story. Even though most of the game’s puzzles are relatively easy to solve once players figure them out, the lack of guidance from the game can make even the easiest tasks seem laborious. Some of the trickier riddles are outright baffling. You will learn how to get out of the fear-inducing, upside-down room by reading this article:

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Escaping the Upside Down Room

After obtaining the light and overcoming the first encounter with the story’s primary ghost, players will find themselves in a brief corridor in the second chapter of Painter’s Story. To the hallway’s left is a nightstand with a narrative letter resting on top. As players read the letter, they will find a note from Dr. William H. Green, a physician, regarding the Painter’s wife and her recent ailments.

It also suggests that the Painter’s mental state is deteriorating and advises him to get psychological assistance. The only way out of the room will be through the door at the end of the hallway since the door behind the player will now be locked. The player must select a path when they proceed through this door and onto the following corridor, which is an intersection of pathways.

Layers of Fear (2023) - Escaping the Upside Down Room

The locked second door can now be unlocked, showing an L-shaped hallway with a grandfather clock right in front, should players decide to turn around and head back to the previous hallway. Follow the hallway around the bend to the following corridor, where players will have to make another decision because there is a door directly to the right and another door farther down the hall.

Proceed straight ahead and you’ll find yourself in a small room with some footprints on the floor. The player can then proceed through the next door to enter a windowed chamber that looks almost vacant at first. It will become immediately apparent to players that the room is in fact upside down rather than empty upon closer examination (or the instant they glance up).

Layers of Fear (2023) - Escaping the Upside Down Room

A door on the left wall that is just out of reach and a curio cabinet with a locked safe underneath are located across the room from the players. Turn around and face the door you just entered, making sure to interact with the light switch to the left of the door and pay attention to the red phrase written on the wall. The room will light up after a little while, and when players turn to face the other way, they will see that the room has correctly reoriented itself.

A narrative letter concealed in the now-accessible curio cabinet and a story object that can be gathered are located on the right side of the table in the center of the room. When you open the cabinet’s right door, you’ll discover a letter on the middle shelf that contains a quote from a local newspaper about the painter “Babyface,” who recently completed a job that is shown throughout the house.

Layers of Fear (2023) - Escaping the Upside Down Room

After collecting the story item, a piece of paper will emerge as a shadow in the lower right corner of the player’s HUD. Return to the light switch and flip the room back to dark, which will flip it back to its original, upside-down position. Now that the safe is within reach once more, players will want to open it and discover that the piece of paper contains the code (10-70-90) to open it.

Open the safe and take out the key by turning the dial to the appropriate numbers (players will hear a satisfying click at each of the three numbers in the code, indicating they are on the right path). Go back to the light switch and flip it to reveal the previously inverted door—as well as the room. Proceed to the next corridor by using the key to unlock the door.


Is there a monster in Layers of Fear?

The painter’s tale is enhanced with enemy encounters in the new Layers of Fear, where a monster will occasionally emerge and pursue you. These pursuits can be rather tense because the enemy is only momentarily stopped by your spotlight.

How scary is Layers of Fear 2023?

In the end, Layers of Fear seems more like a 13-hour, mostly scare-free meander through a series of eerily lit hallways than a truly horrific journey into the unknown.

Is Layers of Fear 2023 better?

Although the second game might have used some refinement, this bundle offers the greatest opportunity to play the entire series and comes highly recommended for any fan of the genre. While the new gameplay features in Layers of Fear (2023) give the older games fresh life, the new plot components feel pasted on.

Are there chase scenes in Layers of Fear?

It gives the game’s chase scenes, which were already superior to most pursuit scenes in horror games without combat, a little more consideration. Even though the game is marketed as a single, cohesive whole, the inconsistent quality of the experiences throughout the several stories adds to the overall sense of disconnection.

Is Layers of Fear a VR game?

A surreal horror game called Layers of Fear VR will drag you down to the brink of madness. Thanks to Oculus Quest’s comprehensive virtual reality experience, visitors may now explore the Victorian mansion’s ever-changing interior without any restrictions.