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Street Fighter 6 – How to Find Ken


One of the highest levels of customization in the Street Fighter series is in Street Fighter 6, where users may customize the colors and attire of each of the 18 combatants and create their characters. Ken is dressed differently, but there’s a purpose behind it. He went into hiding after being falsely accused of some very terrible crimes. The following post will walk you through finding Ken in Street Fighter 6:

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Ken’s Location in World Tour

Ken is employed at a building site. As soon as the game starts, you may see it. During a cutscene, your character will gaze at it for some time. It’s highly apparent. Today, you only need a yellow safety helmet to enter the building site. To do this, complete the Safety First side mission.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Find Ken

You may also get it from Gomorrah at an apparel shop near the Urban Park quick travel station. When you’re ready, put on the helmet and head into the building site. Talk to Ken there and ask to see his style. At first, he won’t seem eager to educate you, but he will eventually warm up. You will be able to learn Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, Shoryuken, and his basic attacks as soon as you enlist.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Find Ken

You might not be aware if you’re new to Street Fighter, but Ryu’s special attacks are not like this. Well, they are in terms of their properties, at least. Ken’s Excessive Speed Hadouken cannot take down adversaries. He delivers several hurricane kicks. Additionally, he hits twice with his medium Shoryuken and three times with his heavy Shoryuken. Furthermore, if you execute such attacks while sprinting, they become even more potent.

How to Unlock Ken’s Retro Costume

Any character in the game can have their retro costume unlocked and obtained using one of two methods. There are two ways to unlock them: either play and grind a little, or pay real money to unlock them instantaneously. In case you choose to purchase them with actual money, all you have to do is visit the in-game store and pay 50 Fighter coins, which is roughly $23, to obtain Ken’s vintage outfit.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Find Ken

However, you must begin playing the World Tour mode if you want to play the game and acquire this costume for free. Before you can unlock Ken as a master in the game, you must first go to Chapter 8-3. In the game, you can select him as your master after meeting him at a building site. In order to unlock Ken’s vintage or classic version in the game, you must then get to the highest bond level with him.

By using your masters’ movesets and fighting styles in battle and by offering them presents, you can strengthen your bond with them. Using his movesets alone won’t level up your bond nearly as much as gifts do. Cookbook is the ideal present for Ken; it may be bought after Chapter 6. When choosing characters for a match, you can select the retro attire if you’ve reached the maximum level.

It takes some effort to open the cookbook store. First, you must complete the Spirit Guide task in Metro City’s Hong Mu Men neighborhood. There, you must speak with level 10 NPC Ana. Once you complete the task, return to the alley close to Chun-Lin, where you must battle Zimo to win back the stolen walnuts.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Find Ken

Return to Ana and give her the walnuts, and she will give you a ticket to Mexico in exchange. After that, go to Mexico, vanquish Lily, and acknowledge her as your new master. Next to Lily will be an NPC that offers cookbooks. Don’t forget to purchase as much as you can.


Why is Ken depressed in Street Fighter 6?

Ken is reportedly currently evading the authorities after being falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, according to SF6. being compelled to part from his family and business as a result of it. He must have found it difficult.

Can Ken defeat Ryu?

After defeating Ryu in the original Alpha, Ken returns to America and meets Eliza.

Is Ken good in sf6?

Since Ken is built to be an offensive player who moves forward quickly, it goes without saying that he excels at rushdowns. However, there are other characters who have similar spring forward speed and distance, and they don’t appear to be winning tournaments or ruling the internet as much.

Why is Ken better than Ryu SF6?

It’s evident that he can mess up, but not nearly as much as Ken. For example, Ken can overhead into a massive combination without using the meter, but Ryu must drive rush his overhead in order to obtain a combo. That’s only one of numerous straightforward advantages Ken has over Ryu, such as his dash capability.

Is Ken a bad guy in Street Fighter?

It appears that we are now in the process of identifying the antagonists. JP and Ken seem to be the biggest bad guys in the Street Fighter 6 community. When it comes to the rest of the cast, JP is the kind of character with distinctive qualities.