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Street Fighter 6 – How to Get Kudos


The great majority of people that play Street Fighter 6 do so in order to compete against or team up with friends in online matches. This increases the worth of cosmetic items like character skins and ranks. The first Fighting Pass, Early Summer Vibes, has begun, and it’s packed with goodies like new titles, outfits for your character, and, most importantly, classic Street Fighter tunes and old-school games.

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What are Street Fighter 6 Kudos?

The Kudos System in Street Fighter 6 puts a spotlight on your standing with a particular character. As you accumulate points, you will unlock new titles for your player tag. In any of the game’s modes, you have the opportunity to earn Kudos. The Street Fighter 6 Kudos system is broken down and explained in the following paragraphs.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Get Kudos


How to Get Kudos

You can get Kudos across all of Street Fighter 6, and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose most of the time. You will still earn 30 Kudos (participation points) for taking part in a Ranked Match. How far you get in Arcade mode is up to you. If you use a continue, for instance, your reward points will be reduced.

When you get a new job, a notification should appear on the screen’s left side. After halting the game, you can check how far you are from the next title in the “Rewards” option. In the game’s Arcade Mode, for instance, I used a couple Continues yet still managed to complete with 35 Kudos. Here are roughly the praises you should get from each channel:

  • Arcade – 35-50 per run, dependent on performance
  • Versus – 5 per match
  • Combo Trials – 5 per completed trial
  • Extreme Battle – 5 per match
  • Ranked Match – 30 per match (win or lose)
  • Casual Match – 30 per match (win or lose)
  • Character Guides – 10 per Character Guide
  • Training – 1 per combo performed
  • World Tour – 1-10 per win while using each character’s battling style and depending on the opponent’s level; these are given after battles with anyone in the open world and story.
  • Custom Room – 10 per match (win or loss)

Street Fighter 6 - How to Get Kudos

The Daily and Weekly Challenges are two more methods that you can earn Kudos. They can be completed with little effort. Week of June 9 challenge: Perform three sets of three assisted combinations (or target combos). For your efforts, you’ve earned 100 Kudos. To earn 200 Kudos on June 9, the Daily Challenge was to take control of a cabinet and win Battle Hub bouts.


What is the highest level in Street Fighter 6?

In World Tour mode, you can progress up to level 100. Once a player reaches the level cap, they cannot level any further but can easily beat all NPCs and bosses.

How do you get titles in Street Fighter 6?

As you travel through World Tour Mode, battle with characters in the Battle Hub, and compete in the Fighting Ground, you will gain several titles. You can earn a respectable sum simply by playing the game and connecting your account.

What is the reward of the master in Street Fighter 6?

When you hit Level 100 with a Master, you’ll get a special chat and artwork with them, as well as access to their second costume in the Fighting Grounds and Battle Hub.

How do kudos work in sf6?

The characters you utilize (or whose style you employ) in World Tour will determine how many kudos you receive. From the Multi Menu, select Rewards > Kudos to view your current Kudos totals for all of your characters.

What is the currency in Street Fighter 6?

The in-game money of Street FighterTM 6 is called Fighter Coins (FC). FC can be used to gain various in-game goodies, Fighting Passes, and extra characters and stages to be presented in the future.