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Jagged Alliance 3: How to Stealth Kill


The Stealth Kill mechanic is essential to Jagged Alliance 3, although it is poorly explained and often leads to player confusion. They are in handy if you need to stay out of sight while eliminating lone guards or lookouts posted at strategic points. There may be too many eyes on the area or too many opponents patrolling together to eliminate them all one by one, but a patrolling enemy can be eliminated covertly in one of two ways. Find out in this article how to stealth kill in Jagged Alliance 3:

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How to Perform Melee Stealth Kill

Killing an opponent stealthily with a melee weapon requires the Merc to sneak up behind them without drawing attention to themselves. Use a Merc with a high Dexterity Stat because the opponent can hear sounds from a great distance. Dexterity-boosted Mercs are harder to spot since they make less noise as they move.

In addition, players will require a Melee Weapon, such as a simple knife, to pull off a Melee Stealth Kill. Once you’ve done everything you need to, look for an adversary patrolling alone or standing still. Close in on the foe with the Merc’s strong Dexterity and equip the Knife.

Jagged Alliance 3: How to Stealth Kill

After that, select the adversary and Select Neck as a hit point. A Knife symbol will appear over the head of the adversary. To execute the Melee Stealth Kill, sneak the Merc behind the adversary.

How to Stealth Kill with Weapon

If you prefer to avoid melee combat in Jagged Alliance 3, you will need a Merc with a high Marksmanship Stat and a weapon that is fitted with a Suppressor in order to achieve success with Stealth Kills. When you are behind the adversary, go to the Target option, and make sure that the Head is selected as one of the hit points.

Jagged Alliance 3: How to Stealth Kill

Melee Instant Kill

Even although it’s not a covert attack, I learned from examining the code that the Machete (a melee weapon) has a chance to kill an enemy instantly. The larger of this chance or the stealth chance will be used in-game. The instant-kill chance is 5 + max(0, (the attacker’s Strength stat minus the target’s Health stat)/2). The machete must hit the neck for this to happen.


How do you sneak in Jagged Alliance 3?

To go undetected, press H. Quickly switch between ranged and melee attacks by swapping weapons. Once within range, have your mercenary attempt a covert kill from behind. There is little time to waste before being spotted.

How do you increase loyalty in Jagged Alliance 3?

Players can swiftly build Loyalty in two primary ways: by defeating the Legion in combat and by fulfilling Side Quests given to characters in the villages. Both of these methods are important for the player’s progression in the game.

How to save refugee camp jagged alliance 3?

The only method to postpone the Refugee camp problem is when you get a distress call from Biff, to stop the attacking Légion squad before it reaches his zone. You won’t have to worry about the Légion sending reinforcements your way for a few months if you leave Biff up north.

What to do with Pierre Jagged Alliance 3?

If you let Pierre live, you’ll be able to recruit him later in the game, which is a good idea because he has one of the best Marksmanship numbers in JA3. Furthermore, such data is extremely helpful in carrying out crucial stealth kills, which may be a huge boon to your team in a tight spot.

Can you spare Pierre in Jagged Alliance 3?

Most story-related bosses appear to just give up rather than die in fight, leaving the next course of action up to the players. A few shots from a high-caliber rifle to the face never fails to spark a conversation. It’s not just doable to rescue Pierre, it’s possible. However, this occurs much later in the plot.