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Street Fighter 6: 5 Best Side Characters


There are always a ton of great playable characters in Street Fighter games. Capcom devotes the same amount of care to their non-playable characters as they do to the main cast. They usually only have a few lines of dialogue, if any at all, and yet there is a huge demand for them to be made playable DLC characters. Read this article in its entirety to learn about the top five supporting characters in Street Fighter 6:

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Alice is not like some of the other side characters in the sense that the story moves forward as a result of her interactions with your avatar. Instead, she serves as the game’s instructional guide. After you leave the Buckler Gym, she briefs you on the ins and outs of Metro City and continues to do so whenever your avatar runs into her in a new part of the world, so that you always have the most up-to-date information.

Street Fighter 6: 5 Best Side Characters

Nobody else in Metro City can compare to Alice’s perky pink ensemble; everyone else in the city wears unique clothes, and they all have their own distinct personalities. It is clear that Capcom poured their hearts into designing her appearance.


After it was revealed that they were the host of the online Battle Hub as well as a streaming personality within the Street Fighter universe’s equivalent of YouTube, which is known as FooTube, this figure started turning heads. Eternity has charisma like no other; on their online channel, they do post-match interviews with competitors and host talks with those competitors.

Street Fighter 6: 5 Best Side Characters

Their witty one-liners and biting observations make them difficult to forget, despite the fact that we don’t know too much else about them. The majority of the show’s viewers have expressed a strong desire to observe more of the character Eternity.

Carlos Miyamoto

It turns out that the enigmatic figure that keeps showing up in the Urban Park close to the Mike Haggar Memorial Stadium is really one of the returning characters from Final Fight. This time around, it’s one of the main characters and playable characters from Final Fight 2 who gets the spotlight.

Street Fighter 6: 5 Best Side Characters

Carlos is a menacing figure that frequents the park in order to scout out capable combatants whom he may recruit to assist him in carrying out his vigilante activities for the sake of defending Metro City. He wields the legendary katana sword that he carries with him at all times and is able to employ it in combat to perform maneuvers that are both lethal and capable of breaking armor.

Bus Fans

Unlocking the ability to move quickly across Metro City and Nayshell requires first completing a series of missions in which groups of bus fans attempt to put up several bus stops but are impeded in their efforts by individuals who appear to be menacing as they loiter about the areas in which the fans wish to establish the stops.

Street Fighter 6: 5 Best Side Characters

It is a useful component of the game, but reading the humorous conversation that you can have with the bus patrol about how afraid they are to go tell the locals to move is the most satisfying aspect of the experience.


Li-Fen was first seen as a little girl in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike; after being abducted by Shadaloo, she grew up to find consolation in technology. When not training with Chun-Li, or Jiejie, as she lovingly refers to Chun-Li, she is found devouring endless amounts of bao at the local eatery or scanning the internet for things to do.

Street Fighter 6: 5 Best Side Characters

The game’s most interesting supporting character is Li-Fen. The little Blanka-chan toy that dangles from her backpack and the sticker of the input for Spinning Bird Kick on her laptop are just two examples of the many Easter eggs and references to the series that are hidden in her design.


Who is the strongest character in Street Fighter 6?

The fact that Ken is the strongest character is not shocking to anyone who has played the game or seen bouts between professional players. Ken has been a favorite of Street Fighter players of all ability levels for a long time.

Who is the best aggressive character in Street Fighter 6?

Ken is the best character in Street Fighter 6 because of his aggressive play style and proficiency in close quarters combat.

Who is the fastest character in Street Fighter 6?

Cammy, one of Street Fighter 6’s fastest characters, can quickly close the gap and resume the attack if her momentum is ever halted.

Who is the best character in modern controls Street Fighter 6?

When using Modern controls, Luke is one of the greatest characters to play as. Luke not only retains a large portion of his moves, but also has two easy-to-use combinations that may be activated by mashing Light Attack or Medium Attack. Each character now has access to three Assisted Combos in addition to this.