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Street Fighter 6 – How to Take Photo


Players can experiment with various in-game mechanics, characters, etc., now that SF 6 has been launched. Aside from the drive gauge and fight hub, the game also features a fun feature that lets you get your character to pose for pictures. Taking pictures in Street Fighter 6 allows you to preserve a memorable occasion or stunning Metro City environment. You will learn how to snap pictures in Street Fighter 6 by reading this article:

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How to Take Photo

Fortunately, Street Fighter 6’s photo-taking technique is the same across all platforms. But you must be on the character you wish to take a picture of and in World Tour mode. That is the initial action. The Hit Me Up With Your Best Snapshots quest in World Tour Mode is not the same as this way. You must use the Mission Tab instead of the photo mode for that.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Take Photo

However, using the snapshot mode, you can only record incredible or noteworthy events from your personal in-game experience.

  • Select the World Tour profile tab.
  • Choose the Camera menu item.
  • Organize your picture however you choose.
  • Switch off the HUD (PS5 Square). Utilize the screen capture feature on your platform.

When it comes to capturing photos, you have a lot of alternatives. In addition, various filters and effects, a position, and a face expression can be adjusted. With the help of Street Fighter 6’s feature-rich picture mode, adding stickers, altering the depth of field, and adding film grain is simple.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Take Photo

Players must press the screenshot button on their platform rather than using a separate button on each device. Posing in front of an opponent you just defeated or with your favorite Street Fighter character could be appealing.

It’s not too difficult to use and access this system. Use this mode to customize the appearance of your images if you want to take and share them with friends on the internet. You can also get some incredible costumes in World Tour mode, like Chun-Li’s alternative costume.

Photo Mode Settings in Street Fighter 6

The Street Fighter 6 photo mode has a ton of additional cool features. You may make them look angry or even kiss them while hiding your avatar. The avatar can be in a variety of poses and can be rotated or posed horizontally. You can also apply a color filter or alter the image’s appearance, such as making it fragmented or appear as if it was created with black and white ink.

Street Fighter 6 - How to Take Photo

Return to the original tab to adjust the shot’s brightness, contrast, and rotation. Finally, Street Fighter 6 has stickers and logos that you can apply to the picture. Regretfully, the game’s logo isn’t actually visible. Emojis and sentences displayed in a graffiti-style are used instead.


How do you grab in Street Fighter 6?

To launch a throw, move into an enemy’s grasp and simultaneously hit the light punch and light kick buttons. On the Xbox gamepad, these buttons will be A+X, and on the Playstation, X+Square. The LT/L2 button and these inputs are also present on the more recent controls of Street Fighter 6.

How old is Chun-Li in sf6?

According to in-game information from Street Fighter II, Chun-Li was born on March 1, 1968. This would make her 55 years old in Street Fighter 6. Whoa! We think Chun-Li looks fairly decent considering her age. We hope that at 55, we’re still kicking ass!

Does Ryu like Chun-Li?

Although Chun-Li is too preoccupied with his training to commit to a relationship, Ryu and Chun-Li definitely have affections for one another.

Does Cammy like Chun-Li?

Cammy also begins to respect Chun Li because, despite her many losses, she never wavers from her convictions and never gives up on justice. Following their altercation, Chun Li realizes that Cammy was brainwashed and lost her memory. Afterwards, they become friends and collaborate in several subsequent narratives.

What is the passcode for Street Fighter 6?

After you’ve located every poster and its matching number, launch the Messages app and in the passcode, 332951.