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System Shock – How to Lower Security Level


The developers of the System Shock remake did a fantastic job of making sure that you always feel as though you’re being watched and that there’s no way out. In System Shock, you will receive a brief message informing you of the current security level of the zone when you destroy a camera. The game’s narrow halls frequently provide little room for the player and the numerous monsters and broken robots that lurk within. You will learn how to reduce System Shock’s security level by reading this article:

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What is the Security Level?

A different percentage represents each floor’s security level. It begins at 100% by default and can be decreased by specific player actions. They can open the map at any time to see its current percentage. You can see it in the upper right corner.

System Shock - How to Lower Security Level

There are a few justifications for reducing the security level, and a specific aspect of System Shock’s finale necessitates a low security level on every floor. However, the main and most immediate cause is that some parts of the map remain inaccessible until the security level percentage falls to a particular threshold.

How to Lower the Security Level

Lowering the security level can be done in two ways: easily and hard. Unfortunately, the player will eventually have to do both; it’s not an either/or choice.

Security Breach

Removing the surveillance cameras that are positioned throughout Citadel Station’s hallways is the most obvious solution. Both the quantity and arrangement of these cameras differ from floor to floor. The simplest way to gauge your progress in eliminating them all is to see the security level percentage decrease with each destruction.

System Shock - How to Lower Security Level

Usually, you want to listen for the distinctive chirp they make when they see you in order to locate them. No matter where they are in the room, the noise level is loud enough. If you happen to miss them while exploring, you can also find them on the map.

Their logos are little spheres. Toggling the security tab on the map’s left side, in my opinion, is the greatest approach to draw attention to them. Turning it on and off will help you focus on the changes that are occurring on the map.


What does destroying cameras do in System Shock?

Security cameras keep an eye on Citadel Station’s levels and, in the event that they are destroyed, reduce SHODAN’s overall level of control. Certain cameras are connected to particular displays that the hacker can access.

What is the security override code in System Shock?

You’ll find yourself back at the library when you awaken. You’ll notice a difference once you’ve returned. A three-digit code, 250, can be seen on the monitor to the left of the Cyberspace Terminal. That is the code for our laser safety override.

How do you get to level 8 in System Shock?

Reactor must be set to destroy before you may advance to stage 8. A touch will cause it to open. It is not absolutely necessary for you to go to the Escape Pods on level 5. Every level from L1 to L6 has a screen in the same room as the computer nodes where you can obtain Reactor Destruct Code.

How do you disable safety interlock in System Shock?

You must descend to Reactor Level R using the Research Level 2 Elevator in the Gamma Quadrant in order to deactivate the Safety Interlock. But only after you’ve destroyed the CPU Nodes on Research Level 2 will you be able to accomplish this.

Where is the reactor code in System Shock?

They will be able to initiate the self-destruct process with the help of this keypad, so starting the last part of the narrative. The numbers on the panels beside the CPUs we’ve destroyed around Citadel Station make up the six-digit code, which will tell you how to obtain it.