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System Shock Remake: Medical Armory Code Location


In System Shock, you can get more ammunition by entering the Medical Armory code and retrieving the KE-41 Capacity mod. In System Shock, the keypad numbers you need to progress depend on the difficulty level you’re playing at, so we’ve put together a walkthrough detailing how we got the Medical Amory code, where we used it, and what it was. This post will show you where to find the Medical Armory Code in the remade version of System Shock.

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What is the Medical Armory Code in System Shock?

The number 705 was provided to us as a result of Althea Grossman’s report. If you want to bypass the steps that were mentioned above, you can give this code a try on your own, but keep in mind that it could alter based on the settings for how difficult the game is that you’re playing it on.

System Shock Remake: Medical Armory Code Location

Where to Find the Medical Armory Code

In System Shock, the code for the Medical Bay Armory is hidden in an audio log that can be found in the Beta Quadrant. The code for Althea Grossman’s audio log is 705; her name appears on the log. This code must be entered at the keypad on Level 1 by the Medical Bay Armory.

System Shock Remake: Medical Armory Code Location

The map graphic up top will show you just where to look for the audio log with the secret code. You can only get here from the Gamma Quadrant by going through the Beta Quadrant first. A Junction Box problem must be solved before the bridge to the Beta Quadrant may be opened.

Medical Armory location

You should proceed to the Medical Armory now that you have the code. This is accessible through the Central Hub on the Medical Floor. Continue forward until you reach the door leading to the Gamma Quadrant on the left. Then proceed to walk all the way to the far end of the chamber, where you will make a right turn into a little corridor.

System Shock Remake: Medical Armory Code Location

You will be able to see a chamber with a keypad and a yellow grenade sign when you look from the corridor. This place is the location of the Medical Armory.


What is the code for storage 9 in System Shock remake?

Not at all; the answer is always 838. In the event that someone needs help. If you want to use that code, you’ll need to lower the security by erasing the nodes. Not at all; the answer is always 838.

Where do I enter the reactor code in System Shock?

Once the player has destroyed all of the antennae in Engineering, they can descend to Reactor, where they will find a six-digit keypad in the facility’s Core. Using this keypad, they can trigger the self-destruct sequence, marking the beginning of the story’s climax.

What is scrap for System Shock?

You can turn any item in your inventory into scrap by vaporizing it. The amount of recyclable material an object produces is proportional to its worth. Scrap has a lower value at the Recycle Station (10 scrap = 1 credit), but it is a more space-efficient option to transport trash.

Where is System Shock?

The action-adventure game System Shock was created by Nightdive Studios and released by Prime Matter. It’s a redo of Looking Glass Studios’ System Shock from 1994. The game takes place in a cyberpunk future of 2072 on board a space station.