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System Shock Remake – How to Get Through Beta Grove


In the System Shock remake, you explore Citadel Station and thwart various SHODAN schemes. Dealing with one area is difficult since it is overflowing with dangerous biological stuff. Beta Grove is rife with floating viruses, and if you don’t take precautions, it might become your hacker’s tomb. You may learn how to navigate Beta Grove in System Shock Remake by reading this article:

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How to Access Beta Grove

In Edward Diego’s office, you will emerge. Loot the office and take out the two Cyborg Drones and Cyborg Assassin you locate here. When you’re finished, look at the surveillance screen that’s located to his desk’s left. Press the button located to the right of it to enable Beta Grove.

How to Get Through Beta Grove

Regretfully, there isn’t a secret method to ensure everyone’s safety. You will experience biological contamination as soon as you enter, along with uncomfortable choking noises. Thus, be sure to fill up on the following before entering:

  • Detox patches
  • Healing patches
  • First aid kits
  • Batteries

Unfortunately, the detox patches cannot be used with healing patches, but they do a good job of clearing your system of impurities. Use first aid kits and healing patches to maintain good health and consistently save. Instead of going back if you run into a dead end, load an earlier save.

However, why the batteries? That’s because obtaining the Environmental Pack V1 from Storage, located in Storage Room 9, is your best chance of survival. You must estimate the middle code from two audio logs, each with the beginning and last half of a code. If you choose to bypass all of that, the code is 838.

Verify that the pack is activated from your Inventory/Menu’s Wares page. This lowers the level from approximately 150 to about 20, but it won’t stop contamination from harming you. What I mean is seen here.

System Shock Remake - How to Get Through Beta Grove

Although it will take longer, you will still lose health. The drawback is that you must use the batteries to top off your power meter because it will eventually run low. Remember that you’re also up against the virus zombies and other nasty guys on this level.


What is the Gamma Grove in system shock?

One of the four groves—also referred to as Eco-Pods—that connected to Citadel Station’s executive floor was the Gamma Grove. By abandoning the grove, several station employees managed to flee.

What is the beta Grove hazard in System Shock remake?

One of the Groves, sometimes referred to as Eco-Pods, that System Shock (Remake) explores that is connected to Citadel Station’s Executive Level is the Beta Grove. It’s packed with infections and biohazardous gas, just like the original. It is crucial to the sequel as well.

Where is Alpha Grove System Shock?

The maintenance elevator, which also has four blinking number screens, is not too far from Alpha Grove. Return to the elevator and have a look around. The one that has already been discarded was Gamma.

What is the first weapon in system shock?

The Sparqbeam, the game’s first ranged weapon, may be discovered in the Healing Suites, which you can enter as soon as you wake up after the prologue. It’s on a human corpse that was discovered close to the surgery bed.

What is the armory code in System Shock remake?

The good news is that the System Shock remake isn’t one of those games that smack you on the wrist for trying to use a code you can’t possibly know, so you can avoid the runaround. Therefore, if I were to inform you that the code is 705, you could enter through the keypad, go inside, and take advantage of all those goods.