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Final Fantasy XVI: Ruin Reawakened Guide


There are many Hunts to try in Final Fantasy 16. In these hunts, you’ll face off against Notorious Marks of varying ranks, all of whom may be discovered on the Hunt Board. Beginning with Grimalkin and Ahriman C-Rank Hunts, you’ll work your way up through the ranks. As a S Rank, you are responsible for figuring out the location of the S Rank Hunt known as Ruin Reawakened in Final Fantasy 16. Read this article for a breakdown of the Final Fantasy XVI: Ruin Reawakened Guide.

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Where to Find Svarog, Ruin Reawakened

The bounty hunt will become available once the main quest, Fire in the Sky, has been completed. Following that, proceed to Nektar and take up the quest to eliminate Svarog. Sanbreque, and more specifically the far southern edge of Mornebrume, is home to the enormous beast. Send your ship straight southeast from the obelisk in Caer Norvent’s Glorieuse Gate.

Final Fantasy XVI: Ruin Reawakened Guide

How to Beat Svarog,Ruin Reawakened in Final Fantasy XVI

Due to the tremendous difficulty of taking on an S-rank monster, only the most capable or experienced players should attempt to do so. Otherwise, it might be a carnage waiting to happen. While fighting Svarog, it will help to know the following tips.

  • Svarog, being a dragon, can deliver devastating close-quarters blows with its claws and wings. Be mindful of being caught by these attacks whenever you’re close to the opponent. The same holds true for any use of fire or lasers. You can still safely dodge their attacks for the time being.
  • Svarog’s Blazing Legion summons a swarm of fireballs that float through the air and descend upon Clive. Because of their slow movement, avoiding them is simple; one need only exercise patience.
  • Two flame pillars approach Clive in a narrowing formation at red dawn. Either sidestep them early or dodge towards Svarog instead near the end to close the gap.

Final Fantasy XVI: Ruin Reawakened Guide

  • Embroil is another risky attack that involves a descending fireball smashing into the ground to transform into a ring of fire that spreads in all directions. After that, it disperses into a series of smaller rings. Do your best to evade this assault by avoiding, jumping over the expanding ring, and dodging again.

Like all other difficult bouts against tougher opponents, being able to endure them is the actual key. If Svarog misses with an assault, move in close and use Eikons’ Eikonic Abilities to deal damage before running away to fight another day. If you want to give Clive the best chance to succeed in a counterattack, you should try to incorporate as many instances of Heatwave and Will o’ the Wykes into your rotation as possible.


Final Fantasy XVI: Ruin Reawakened Guide

You will receive 25,000 XP for killing Svarog and 300 AP for using an ability. One Empty Shard, one Orichalcum, one Amber, and one Fallen Enigma are all visible as they drip down. You can earn a whopping 30,000 Gil and 60 Renown for completing this hunt.


What is the hardest hunt in Final Fantasy 16?

Because of its extreme difficulty, Final Fantasy XV’s Behemoth King Notorious Mark is the game’s final one to be unlocked. Only after completing the penultimate story objective, “Back to Their Origin,” do you unlock the option to fight him; and when you do, it will be a crushing, maddening challenge.

What is the S rank level in FF16?

S-rank Notorious Marks are the greatest challenge in Final Fantasy 16’s hunting content, since they employ sophisticated attack patterns and provide few openings for players to score kills.

What is the best weapon in FF16?

The Ultima Weapon is Final Fantasy 16’s top blade. It’s a shame that the New Game Plus mode is the only place to get it. Its attack and stagger of 700 are far superior to those of any ordinary weapon. It is a true monster, capable of annihilating even the most dangerous monsters and expertly trained foes.

Is Excalibur good in FF16?

The legendary sword Excalibur is one of the game’s most powerful weapons. Its high attack stats make it the ideal choice for killing strong enemies until you can obtain the Eikonic weapon Brightburn and replace it.