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System Shock Remake – How to Solve Junction Box Puzzles


There were plenty of puzzles in the original System Shock, and Nightdive Studios’ remake does too. Even though a lot of the problem-solving in the game, including these puzzles, is meant to be intuitive, occasionally the absence of instructions can leave you just scratching your head, especially if you’re starting the game on a higher difficulty. You may learn how to solve the junction box puzzles in System Shock Remake by reading this article:

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How to Solve Junction Box Puzzles

In the System Shock remake, junction box puzzles occur in two varieties. The degree of difficulty varies according on the puzzle level you’re playing at, but in general, it can be challenging to understand the second kind.

Solving Connection puzzles

In really, the Connection Puzzle isn’t that horrible. All you have on the board are two red lights in the shape of squares. The wires connecting the powered square light and the unpowered square light should be used to establish a path; you want to disregard the circular light nodes, which are essentially rubbish.

The easiest method to accomplish this is to follow a logical path toward the powered light, then turn to the opposing light and go in the opposite direction. The wiring for the two lights will typically be pretty simple to connect, and once you know which way the wires should be going out of the powered light and which way they should be going into the unpowered one.

System Shock Remake - How to Solve Junction Box Puzzles

It is much simpler to understand everything in the middle. Higher difficulty levels will result in the appearance of additional components, such as immobile wire segments that can only be turned by dials. These dials can spin all nearby corner wires or all nearby top, bottom, left, and right wires.

Solving Power puzzles

At first appearance, the Power problems can seem a little more difficult to solve. The objective is to connect various cables to many inputs. Power lines that are powered will light up when the energy passes through them. The tricky aspect is finding the battery meter located at the top or side of the box. It comprises numerous tiny pieces that work together to measure power. The battery also has two tiny blue indication lines.

The goal is to get the battery’s power supply to drop to a level between the two indicators. It’s crucial to keep in mind that every active line that enters the battery will typically equal one power segment. Experiment with different path combinations to feed electricity into splitters (which divide a single power line into two) and combiners (which combine two or more power lines).

System Shock Remake - How to Solve Junction Box Puzzles

It’s important to remember that your plugs can have single or double power, which means that a power line from a double plug can genuinely boost the battery by multiple sections. Higher difficulties will involve more plug sockets and power cables to consider, along with dials that allow you to adjust the direction of power flow. To get the desired outcomes, attempting to remove one plug at a time is advisable.


Where is the logic probe in system shock remake?

In Research Level 2, Logic Probe is situated on a table in the Gamma Quadrant. It should be noted that robot foes will be defending this object, therefore gamers must exercise extreme caution.

How do you use the logic probe in System Shock?

The probe can be used by selecting it from the “ITEM” MFD panel and dragging it onto the view screen puzzle that you want to solve.

Are the puzzles random in System Shock?

They are somewhat randomized. I’m unsure if the first puzzle outside the starting room to lower the lift is different every time you start a new game on the same puzzle difficulty; I’m not sure if it’s a fixed list with a finite number or randomly generated with an algorithm.

What is the armory code in System Shock remake?

The good news is that the System Shock remake isn’t one of those games that smack you on the wrist for trying to use a code you can’t possibly know, so you can avoid the runaround. Therefore, if I were to inform you that the code is 705, you could enter through the keypad, go inside, and take advantage of all those goods.

What is the code for the relay Analyser in System Shock remake?

Two doors down from the elevator that leads to the executive level is the Maintenance lab where the Relay Analyser keypad is located. Once the groves in Executive are unlocked, you can use it to mend the Relay. Utilizing the diagnostics device, you can locate the code in the Repair Bay. 428 is the number.