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System Shock Remake – How to Get to the Broken Interface Demodulator


Embark on a harrowing odyssey in the System Shock Remake, tasked with halting the rampant AI, SHODAN. Amidst encounters with mutants and cyborgs, a pivotal moment arises — navigating maintenance intricacies to access the elusive Broken Interface Demodulator. This article unveils the cryptic steps to unravel this technological enigma, guiding you through the perilous journey within the digital labyrinth of System Shock Remake.

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How to Get to the Broken Interface Demodulator

Proceed to the Maintenance Level Repair Bay. It is well-marked with a large sign similar to the one at the top of this page. A diagnostic computer is mounted on the wall inside. When you turn it on, an audio log informing you that the relay isn’t working properly, along with a three-digit code, will come out.

  • Enter the code from the audio log in the Relay Analyzer (place shown on the map below). That will indicate to you when a relay needs to be fixed. Additionally, you’ll discover that the previously locked doors will have been unlocked by this time.

System Shock Remake - How to Get to the Broken Interface Demodulator

  • Proceed to Delta Maintenance (as indicated on the map below). To get to the circular door and pass through several low doors, you’ll need to solve a wall problem. You just need one replacement demodulator, so once inside, take it.

System Shock Remake - How to Get to the Broken Interface Demodulator

  • Peek at the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta maintenance areas. These places resemble mazes, so beware—Level 1 Security Robots are here. Be well-prepared, and if you find yourself lost, try tracing the path of one wall. Although numerous banks have five demodulators, you want to find the bank with ” Error ” above it.
  • When you’ve finally located it, choose the dim, broken demodulator and turn it on, replacing it with a new one.

How to get into Delta maintenance

There is a wire puzzle within the Junction Box if you crack it open. The door to your left will unlock once the problem has been solved. Once you pass through it, the Delta Quadrant entrance will be on your left.


What is the maintenance relay code in system shock remake?

Two doors down from the elevator that leads to the executive level is the Maintenance lab where the Relay Analyser keypad is located. Once the groves in Executive are unlocked, you can use it to mend the Relay. Utilizing the diagnostics device, you can locate the code in the Repair Bay. 428 is the number.

What is the safety override code in System Shock remake?

You’ll find yourself back at the library when you awaken. You’ll notice a difference once you’ve returned. A three-digit code, 250, can be seen on the monitor to the left of the Cyberspace Terminal. That is the code for our laser safety override.

What is the code for storage 9 in System Shock remake?

No, 838 is the constant. In the event that someone becomes stuck. Before using the code, you must reduce the security level by killing the nodes. No, 838 is the constant.

How do you survive a beta Grove System Shock?

To maintain good health and consistently save, use the first aid kits and healing patches. Instead of going back if you run into a dead end, load an earlier save. However, why the batteries? That’s because obtaining the Environmental Pack V1 from Storage, located in Storage Room 9, will provide you the best chance of survival.

What is the Gamma Grove in system shock?

One of the four groves—also referred to as Eco-Pods—that connected to Citadel Station’s executive floor was the Gamma Grove. By abandoning the grove, several station employees managed to flee. But SHODAN managed to turn off its life support early, killing everyone inside.