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System Shock Remake – How to Open Robot Maintenance


There are a variety of puzzles in System Shock Remake that require you to enter numbered codes. You’ll need the Robot Maintenance code to enter System Shock and stop SHODAN from creating more robots on the station. Determining the right code for each puzzle can be difficult because they are usually discreetly buried throughout the labyrinth-style map. You will learn how to access Robot Maintenance in System Shock Remake by reading this article:

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Where are the Robot Maintenance Doors?

Uncertain about the topic at hand? The Robot Maintenance room is located in the southeast of the Research Labs on the second deck of Citadel. Simply seek out the sign. Be cautious of the enemy machines and the Hopper turret inside. If you’re not cautious, they’ll tear you to pieces.

System Shock Remake - How to Open Robot Maintenance

You must first solve the riddle at the junction box in order to open the first of two pairs of doors once you’re safely inside the Robot Maintenance room. The numerical Robot Maintenance code enters the picture at the second.

Robot Maintenance Location

Robot Maintenance is located on Research Floor Two in the Gamma Quadrant; to get there, you must first obtain a Science Access Keycard from the Beta Quadrant. Once inside, proceed to the door labelled “Robot Maintenance,” which has a closed door and a Junction Box puzzle inside.

System Shock Remake - How to Open Robot Maintenance

Either use the Group-3 Keycard or solve the Junction Box puzzle to unlock the door. This area also contains a Logic Probe. Although it can be tempting to use it to solve the puzzle automatically, resist the urge. The keycard you require is right next door, and logic probes are a finite resource.

Robot Maintenance Code

Take the Group-3 Keycard back to Robot Maintenance and use it to unlock the door. There will be another keypad-locked door inside. To deactivate robot production on the station, enter 6-2-3 to access Robot Maintenance. From there, solve the Junction Box problem to stop robot creation.

System Shock Remake - How to Open Robot Maintenance

Group-3 Keycard Location

Enter the Computer Room in the Gamma Quadrant to reach the GPU Nodes located here. To advance to later levels, you must destroy the Nodes and record the number on the red monitor.

System Shock Remake - How to Open Robot Maintenance

For the time being, enter the room’s crawlspace by turning left at the doorway. There will be a corpse in the crawl space. You can find the Group-3 Keycard by searching it.


What is the safety override code in System Shock remake?

You’ll find yourself back at the library when you awaken. You’ll notice a difference once you’ve returned. A three-digit code, 250, can be seen on the monitor to the left of the Cyberspace Terminal. That is the code for our laser safety override.

What is the code for the first door in System Shock remake?

Referenced in a number of other games, such as Thief, the Bioshock series (original, sequel, Infinite), the Deus Ex series (original, Invisible War, Human Revolution, The Fall, Mankind Divided, GO), and the original System Shock, the code 451 is a nod to that game.

What is the code for the reactor in System Shock remake?

During my run, I had the following codes: Medical (5), Research (7), Maintenance (6), Storage (4), Flight Deck (2), and Executive (9). Thus, 576429 was the final code.

What is scrap for System Shock?

Vaporizing objects is how scrap is created, and you can do this at any time via the inventory menu. How much scrap an object yields will depend on its worth. The Recycle Station will pay less for scrap, with 10 scraps for one credit, but it’s a lot more condensed method of moving trash.

Is it better to vaporize or recycle in System Shock remake?

The drawback is that you can only receive one credit for every ten scraps. Therefore, you are losing money even while you are freeing up inventory slots. A broken handgun can be recycled for three credits, but vaporized for one and a half credits worth of scrap.