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Tchia – How to Find Pearls


One of the earliest tasks in Tchia is to gather Pearls. With so little information, it’s up to you to look around and below the surface for any clues as to the item’s possible whereabouts. In Tchia, your first order of business will be to get the Coutume for Tre, and you won’t have to look very hard to do so. You will need to be careful with how you utilize your energy while seeking for the Pearls, as running out of it can prove lethal. How to locate pearls in Tchia is the subject of this essay.

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How to Find Pearls

Pearls are found in the clams that inhabit the seafloor in Tchia. The greatest difficulty is seeking them out without exhausting oneself, as two are required for the Coutme for Tre. It’s not easy to spot a Clam from above, even in crystal clear water.

You should scuba dive to a depth of about half a meter below the surface, check the floor for any clams, and then return to the surface. When you swim up to a Clam, this icon will appear to indicate that a Pearl is inside.

Tchia - How to Find Pearls

Once you’ve located a Clam, you’ll need to return to the surface to refuel before descending to retrieve it. Swimming up to the Clam and using the prompt control in the lower left corner of the screen will allow you to steal the Pearl. After you remove the Pearl from the Clam, it will become available for use.

How to Get 3 Pearls for the Coutume

When you reach Hunahmi on the southwestern cape of Ija Noj, the northern island, a local will stop you and tell you that in order to speak with the town’s leader, you will need to provide pearls for a Coutume. There are no pearls to be found if you go scuba diving in the area, so don’t bother.

Tchia - How to Find Pearls

Instead of combing the water off the west shore of Ija Noj for pearls, you should recall that there’s a site where you’ve already collected pearls earlier in the game. Off of Ija Noj, there are pearls to be had, but you’ll have to get up high and shout to get them. Instead, if you’re in a rush, simply return to your boat and sail back to Tre’s Camp, the floating dwelling that stands between the north and south island.

Tchia - How to Find Pearls

Drop anchor and get out a chart when you get there. When you view the whole map and zoom in, you’ll see that there are still three pearls around Tre’s camp that you didn’t take when you went to the Coutume with him in Chapter 3.

Tchia - How to Find Pearls

Seek out the pearls, and if you find them, dive down and snag them. If the pearls are too far apart for you to swim fast between them as Tchia, you can use your soul-jump ability to assume the body of a passing dolphin, shark, or sea turtle. Their distinctive blue-and-white sheen makes them easy to see from a distance when swimming through the water. When you have all three in your possession, head back to Hunahmi to receive the Coutume.


Who is the main character in Tchia?

The protagonist of Tchia, whose plot takes inspiration from New Caledonia, must go throughout an imaginary archipelago in search of her kidnapped father and the restoration of natural order.

How long does it take to beat Tchia?

Players should expect to complete a fist playthrough of Tchia’s main plot in roughly 12 to 15 hours. However, there are other ways to extend the adventure for players who are deeply immersed in the New Caledonia-inspired setting.

How do you increase stamina in Tchia?

Players need to find and eat Stamina Fruit to increase Tchia’s stamina. Tchia can increase her endurance by eating these magical fruits, which can be found on any island.

Is Tchia free?

The announcement of its rapid release is exciting, but even more so is the fact that those of you who already pay for PlayStation Plus Premium or Extra will be able to download it at no additional cost. New Caledonia is the source of inspiration for the video game Tchia, which takes place on a series of islands in the southwestern Pacific.