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Tchia: How to Fast Travel


Players have a wide number of options for navigating the game’s map thanks to Tchia’s Soul-Jumping skill and watercraft. However, fast travel may be preferable for those who wish to cover huge distances in a short amount of time. Even while one of the best things about Tchia is discovering new things and learning about the world around you, there are times when you just want to get where you’re going as quickly as possible. Learn the ins and outs of Tchia’s expedited travel options here!

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How to Fast Travel

Unlocking fast travel points in Tchia is necessary in order to use the rapid travel system. Docks, which are the locations on the map where you can spawn your boat, serve as the sites of the rapid travel system, and there are a total of ten such docks on the world.

Tchia: How to Fast Travel

You will need to go to the Dock and ‘find’ a quick travel point in order to be able to unlock it. You should get a notification at the top of your screen saying that you’ve ‘found’ the area as soon as you walk up to the Dock location in the game. After that, it will be registered and become accessible on your map.

Once you have located a fast travel point, you should make your way to the map board that is located at the beginning of the wooden section of the Dock that is located on the coast. You may also bring up the same options by having a conversation with the individual who lives in the hut by the pier.

Tchia: How to Fast Travel

Engage in some exploratory activity with the map, and then, when the prompt to do so shows on your screen, choose the “fast travel” option. After that, you will be required to decide where it is that you wish to travel to.

Tchia: How to Fast Travel

Once more, you are only able to travel to Docks that you have previously found. These will be gray in color, whereas locked ones will be white. After that, all that is required of you is to choose the destination you wish to go to and then to validate your selection. After that, you will be whisked away in a hurry.


Where can I find chicken eggs in Tchia?

In Tchia, the only way to get a chicken egg is to find a chicken. In Hunahmi, on Ija Nöj, you will meet chickens for the first time. The section of the settlement across the bridge from the Chief’s hut contains the coop where you can discover them. Soul-Jumping into a Chicken’s body is required upon discovery.

What is the main story of Tchia?

The protagonist uses a raft to travel through the archipelago. Played from a third-person perspective, Tchia is an action-adventure video game. The player takes control of the game’s main character, who must search a tropical island chain for her stolen dad.

Is there fighting in Tchia?

Wonderful game, with a focus on exploration and engagement. basically no fighting mechanics, (you have to fight summer magic figures periodically). Some bloodshed is present, but this is toggleable.

Does Tchia have English?

Subtitles are available in a wide variety of languages, including English, French, Russian, Chinese, German, and more, and the characters are voiced by local talent in traditional languages.