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Tekken 8 – How to Break or Counter Throws


Whatever character you choose in Tekken 8, you can use a few basic skills excellently. One of such is throw breaking, which is prone to error since it operates differently than it did previously. Few things are more important in Tekken 8 than the ability to break free of throws, as anybody who has ever fought King knows. Thus, the next post will clarify how to break throws in Tekken 8:

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How to Break or Counter Throws

In Tekken 8, knowing how to break throws is crucial. You will undoubtedly sustain damage if thrown, but that is not even the worst thing. Skilled Tekken players will know how to keep up the pressure when you hit the ground. In Tekken 8, you can deflect throws by hitting the punch button that corresponds to the hand your opponent is trying to grasp hold of you with.

More precisely, you can break your opponent’s throw by pressing the right punch button if they try to grasp you with their right hand. By pressing the left punch button, you can also avoid left throws similarly. Finally, you can disrupt an opponent’s attempt to grab you with both hands for a throw by simultaneously pressing the right and left punch buttons.

To properly break a throw in Tekken 8, you must input at the precise moment the flashing light occurs, as shown in the figure below.

Tekken 8 - How to Break or Counter Throws

Many characters in Tekken 8 feature a few unbreakable throws mixed in with their repertoire of moves, just like in previous Tekken games. Luckily, the majority of them can only be used in mid-combo, during Rage, or when striking opponents from behind (like Kazuya’s Reverse Neck Throw).

How to Get Out of King’s Throws

King’s throw game is special and frustrating, so much so that he merits his section in this tutorial. King players’ favorite throw to use most frequently is the Giant Swing, a left punch (1) break. I advise practicing King’s chain throws in practice mode to become familiar with the timings and the locations of the throws’ links.

Tekken 8 - How to Break or Counter Throws

You can seriously thwart your opponent’s intentions if you can stop King’s brutal grappling style. Other special throws are available to certain characters, such as Law’s Run-Up Drop (f 2+3), which starts with a knee.

The throw you’re looking for in practice mode is a left punch break (1); the others must be attempted. Although Tekken is a challenging game to master, if you can read the Tekken notation, you can get some excellent advice from the community.


What is heat Tekken 8?

In Tekken 8, the Heat System is a system that grants users temporarily stronger attacks and abilities. It is symbolized by a meter that fills at the beginning of each round beneath the health bar. Benefits from Activating Heat last briefly until the meter empties.

What is special style in Tekken 8?

The button arrangement is reorganized into a more straightforward control scheme by Special Style: Cross (PS5), A (Xbox), and J (PC): Power Crush: A powerful blow that knocks the opponent to the ground and incapacitates them.

Who is the MC in Tekken 8?

The sad tale of the Mishima and Kazama dynasties and their seismic father-and-son revenge fights is carried on in TEKKEN 8. As he confronts his father Kazuya Mishima, who is wreaking havoc and waging war all over the world, Jin Kazama will attempt to resist his destiny in this most recent chapter.

Is gigas in Tekken 8?

When Gigas was first revealed in 2017 the Tekken community didn’t take him very well. He was one of the least-used characters in Tekken 7 due to his uninspired look, clumsy movements, and basic character bio. It’s also unlikely that we’ll ever see him again because he was regularly regarded as extremely low tier.

Why is Eddy not in Tekken 8?

In Tekken 8, the renowned capoeira expert and fighter from Brazil, Eddy Gordo, will return. He is the first DLC character available in the Playable Character Year 1 Pass, therefore naturally he isn’t in the main game.