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Tekken 8 – Super Ghost Battle Mode


You may hone your fighting abilities by facing AI ghosts of other players and yourself in Tekken 8’s Super Ghost Battle. Even though Tekken 8 doesn’t appear all that different from previous games in the series, it has a ton of new tools that can improve your performance. Although ghost modes are not new to the Tekken series and were included in Tekken 6 and 7, the Tekken 8 version takes them to a whole new level that will astound and terrify you. This post will describe Tekken 8’s Super Ghost Battle Mode.

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What is Super Ghost Battle?

Tekken 8’s clever training option, Super Ghost Battle, pits you against AI-generated characters called Ghosts, which are modeled after your own playing habits. Over time, the ghosts will learn from your playstyle and from your online matches or from you fighting them. Super Ghost Battle allows you to battle both CPU ghosts and ghosts that you have downloaded from other gamers.

Tekken 8 - Super Ghost Battle Mode

When defeated, CPU ghosts with treasure icons next to their names will reveal rewards. You can engage in combat with other players’ spirits in Fight Lounge by just speaking with them and putting them in a battle. Therefore, if you have a friend who consistently outdoes you, get hold of that Ghost and find out what flaws they have. They’ll be grateful for a greater task the following time.

How to Unlock Super Ghost Battle Mode

You must go to the Final Round Arcade in the Arcade Quest mode and finish the first event by winning the 16-player CPU tournament in order to unlock Super Ghost Battle as a stand-alone game in the Main Menu.

  • Get Arcade Quest Mode Opened

Tekken 8 - Super Ghost Battle Mode

  • Make or Choose an Avatar
  • Finish the activities in Gong’s first arcade.
  • Participate in the competition and succeed Three victories are necessary.

If you skip all the instructions, it will take you about 20 to 30 minutes to do this.

How to Unlock More Ghosts

It only takes a few minutes to unlock more Ghosts in the game, giving you more opponents to practice against. Fighting named NPCs in Arcade Quest mode or actual opponents in the game’s online modes are two ways to collect data.

Tekken 8 - Super Ghost Battle Mode

If there’s a certain opponent you really want to practice against, you have a specific option to enter their profile and download their Ghost directly. Press the Triangle or X button while speaking with their avatars in Super Ghost Battle mode to engage in combat.


How do you play against the ghost in Tekken 8?

After reaching the Final Round location in Arcade Quest mode, players can instantly access the region from the game’s main menu, enabling them to begin participating in Super Ghost Battles.

Will there be no Devil Jin in Tekken 8?

One of the four new fan-favorite characters unveiled for TEKKENTM8 is Devil Jin, the strong but cursed alternate fighting form of protagonist Jin Kazama.

Who is the bad guy in Tekken 8?

The Villain of Tekken 8. Kazuya, like Devil Jin and Reina, still maintains the classic Mishima playstyle because he hasn’t altered all that much from his earlier incarnations.

How do you unlock the devil in Tekken?

During a match, you can use the Kazuya’s Rage Art to change into Devil Kazuya by hitting R1 on the controller (RB on Xbox One) or U/F+1+2 (Up and Back+1+2). After that, Kazuya will change into Devil Kazuya for a brief while. Devil Kazuya is a stronger and faster version of the original Kazuya.