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Terraria Progression Guide: A Step-by-Step Approach to the Game


Terraria Progression Guide

Terraria is a sandbox-style game that offers endless possibilities to its players. However, its open-endedness can also be overwhelming for beginners who are just starting. This Terraria progression guide is aimed at helping new players navigate through the game’s early stages, acquire better equipment, and progress smoothly towards the later stages.

Build a House and Increase Your Health

The first step in Terraria is to build a house. A house needs to be at least 60 blocks, including the sides and floor. Make sure it’s fully walled, has a table, chair, and a torch, or else NPCs won’t move in. The NPCs will provide valuable services like selling items, reforging, and healing. Explore and use life crystals to increase your maximum health.

Mine for Ores and Upgrade Your Pickaxe

After building your house, it’s time to venture out and mine for ores. Use a furnace and anvil to smelt and craft using metal ores. Use this to get your first pickaxe upgrade.

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Defeat the Eye of Cthulhu

We recommend getting ice blocks from the ice biome to craft frostburn arrows and a bow. Summon the Eye of Cthulhu using the item you can find in chests and take it down using the bow.

Break Shadow Orbs or Crimson Hearts and Wait for a Meteor

Use bombs to break shadow orbs or crimson hearts; just one will do. Wait for a meteor to spawn and use bombs to blow it up. Dive down to collect the fragments afterward. Make meteor armor and the space gun. Take down the Skeleton, Queen Bee, and the Brain of Cthulhu or Eater of Worlds for dungeon access. Obtain the Bee’s Knees and Blade of Grass, and the Nightmare Pickaxe respectively.

Enter Hardmode

Direct water into lava and mine obsidian. Make obsidian skin potions and dive into lava in the underworld. Use this to mine hellstone, make molten armor, and the Molten Pickaxe. With hellstone, throw the Guide Voodoo Doll in lava and fight the Wall of Flesh using the Blade of Grass or the Bee’s Knees.

Welcome to Hardmode! Obtain the Pwnhammer and break Demon Altars three at a time to spawn Hardmode ores. Buy leaf wings from the Witch Doctor in a jungle house at night. Mine Cobalt or Palladium (depending on which one you get) and make the pickaxe. Mine Mythril or Orichalcum (depending on which one you have) and make the corresponding anvil to craft Hardmode items and the pickaxe.

Get the Onyx Blaster and Daedalus Stormbow

My recommendation now is to get Dark Shards from Dark Mummies in the Corrupted Desert, Souls of Night from the underground Corruption or Crimson, and the Shotgun from the Arms Dealer to make the Onyx Blaster, the first real Hardmode upgrade. Alternatives include the Icicle or the Amarok, which drop from enemies in the ice biome or the Crystal Serpent, which you fish from the underground Hallow.

With four stacks of 999 arrows or musket balls, you can craft an unlimited ammo pouch at the crystal ball, which is bought from the wizard. Next, with Souls of Light from the underground Hallow, make the key of light and place it in an empty chest to spawn a Hallowed Mimic. These are tough, so be careful. Obtain the Daedalus Stormbow, it’s a really strong weapon.

Summon the Destroyer

Once you have defeated the Destroyer, it’s time to take on the other two mechanical bosses: The Twins and Skeletron Prime. These bosses require different strategies and weapons, so be sure to do some research beforehand.

To summon The Twins, craft a Mechanical Eye and use it at night. The best weapons to use against The Twins are the Megashark with crystal bullets or the Golden Shower. Both of these weapons can be obtained by defeating the Wall of Flesh and breaking demon altars to spawn Hardmode ores.


Terraria is a game that offers a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to progression. However, following this guide can help you get started and provide a smoother experience for beginners. Remember to explore, mine for resources, and experiment with different weapons and strategies.