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The 2024 Returning Raid in Destiny 2 is Ripe for Debate


Since the PlayStation Showcase debut of The Final Shape expansion video and the release of Season of the Deep, including the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon, Destiny 2 players have had a pleasant couple of weeks. Bungie is sticking to a trend of releasing two Raids and two Dungeons over the course of an in-game year, with each season having one, so players of Destiny 2 can look forward to more content like Ghosts of the Deep throughout the year. While Season 22 will bring back a Raid, most likely Wrath of the Machine, making 2024’s Raid already controversial, Season 23 will bring out the next Dungeon, supposedly closing the Lightfall era before Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion.

It is expected that Bungie will release two Raids in 2024, one brand new to coincide with the release of The Final Shape campaign and expansion, and another chosen from previously released Raids that are not included in Destiny 2. So far, Bungie has always chosen them from Destiny’s own selection, with King’s Fall in Season 18 of last year being a perfect illustration of this logic, but with The Final Shape’s return Raid, things may seem bleak. The only two Destiny Raids remaining to return are Wrath of the Machine and Crota’s End, which is a major setback.

Since the original Exotic for the former, Outbreak Perfected, already exists in the game, building a brand new Exotic for it would be a significant problem when porting it to Destiny 2. Crota’s End, it has been said by Bungie in the past, is too short for the scope of Destiny 2. Either Bungie would have to retool the original Raid to make it suitable for Destiny 2, or they would have to leave it out altogether. Neither of these is ideal, and if Bungie goes with Wrath of the Machine this year, as seems most likely, it will still have to deal with the repercussions of that decision next year. In reality, if another raid were to be brought back, it would have to take the place of Crota’s End, which means bringing back vaulted Raids from Destiny 2.

It is often frowned upon by the player base to pay for content only to have it withdrawn and then added as paid seasonal missions or even Raids later, so it is no surprise that the community is not too thrilled with content reuse in Destiny 2 if it comes from the Content Vault. Many players were upset about the presence of the Destiny Content Vault because it would eventually cut the game’s content in half and eliminate many of the game’s vanilla locations and settings. It’s possible that Bungie will stir some controversy in 2024 by re-releasing a previously released Destiny 2 Raid with some cosmetic changes.