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The Apple Watch app for Microsoft Authenticator has been discontinued


The Microsoft Authenticator is no longer functional with the Apple Watch as a consequence of a software update that was just released today on the App Store. The update was made accessible to users worldwide. The upgrade’s release notes state that “This update will remove Microsoft Authenticator on Apple Watch.” This information may be found in the release notes. Microsoft notes that within the notification settings of the Apple Watch, you still have the option to choose to mirror iPhone notifications from the app to your Apple Watch. This is something that you can do. There is the possibility of doing so.

The Microsoft Authenticator app for iOS now offers support for the companion app for the Apple Watch, which was introduced in 2018. In order to use Microsoft Authenticator for iOS, this app can be used in conjunction with it. The majority of the time, this software is utilised for the purpose of signing into Microsoft accounts that are protected by a technique that necessitates a minimum of two distinct verification procedures in order to gain access. Previous statements made by Microsoft gave the idea that the company will cease providing support for the Apple Watch app beginning in the year 2023. However, Microsoft has since clarified that this timeframe was only a suggestion.

The Microsoft Authenticator software that was available for the Apple Watch was removed from the App Store, making it the most recent in a long line of third-party watchOS apps that have been removed from the App Store over the course of the past few years. These applications have been removed either because they were deemed unnecessary or because they were unable to garner sufficient attention from users. Both of these factors contributed to their removal. Twitter, Instagram, Target, Trello, Slack, Hulu, and Uber are just some of the well-known Apple Watch applications that have been removed from the App Store.