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The Best (And Worst) April Fools’ Jokes In Gaming For 2022


April Fools’ Day, or “International Lying Day,” as our UK editor John Walker likes to refer to it, has finally arrived. Readers need not be concerned. We  are constantly on the lookout for news that seem a little too wonderful to be true or that appear a little too strange to be true. However, that is not the case with me. There are certain April Fools’ jokes that are just too fantastic not to share–and many of them are truly true. Here are a few of the ones that I’ve seen in the wild, in no particular order:

Sonic Frontiers collector’s edition

Sonic’s official Japanese Twitter account announced today that a collector’s edition of Sonic Frontiers will be released. It consists of a wooden bath bucket, a towel with a Sonic pattern on it, a waterproof Sega Genesis, a non-waterproof Game Gear, and an inflatable rubber duck. If it were real, it would have a retail price of somewhat more than $260. Unfortunately, our fantasies of playing a Sega Genesis in the bathtub may never come to fruition.

Goat Simulator musical directed by Steve-O

It’s already a stretch to call Goat Simulator anything more than a dream, but the official account went one step farther. The movie’s banner indicates that open casting calls are being accepted, but don’t hold your breath that your audition will be considered. It has nothing to do with you. On Tiktok, you may see a brief trailer for the film. Having said that, a representative from Coffee Stain Studios , “As history has demonstrated, anything is possible with Goat Simulator.” “If the internet wants it, we will provide it!” said the team.

Genshin Impact announces playable Abyss Lector

Hoyoverse is well aware that a major portion of the fandom want to kiss the wicked Abyss Lector, and they are not hesitant to take advantage of the desire for April Fools’ Day clout by exploiting the desire for April Fools’ clout. In a tweet sent out today, the official Genshin Impact Twitter account linked to a stop-motion film from their official fanworks account, which featured “gameplay” of an adorable chibi Abyss Lector in action. The so-called “Enjou” was previously encountered by players at the Enkanomiya event, when he won over the hearts of the community by being a huge flirt. Unfortunately, it is doubtful that Abyss Impact will ever be played.