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The Best Casino Games You’ll Find Online


Casinos have existed since the 17th century, and there’s a reason why they’re still around today: casino games are a lot of fun! However, you no longer need to travel for miles, or even to another country, to enjoy your favourite games. You can find most of them online, in impressively realistic renditions, and better still, you can play for real money with them. If you’re new to this world and don’t know where to start, come with us.

A Worldwide Web of Options

Launched in the mid-90s, the first online casinos would look quite poorly by today’s standards. There weren’t many games available, graphics were arcade-like at best, and not everybody trusted it could be safe and fair. Yet, in 1997, this market already boasted a global annual revenue of about USD 1 billion. Luckily, the situation today is much different.

Fast and reliable internet is widely accessible, mobile gaming is here to stay, and the security standards match those of the largest financial institutions. So, if you want to play a good old classic casino game, there’ll be plenty of top-quality options. Indeed, it won’t take more than a few seconds for you to find the best online casino in Canada by way of a Google search. Here are some of the most popular online casino games and how to get around without looking like a beginner.


Slots weren’t there when the first land-based casino came to be in baroque Venice. Slots were only invented by the end of the 19th. Nowadays, it’s impossible to think of a casino, online or land-based, with hundreds of slot machines. Slots is a game of luck, and there’s no strategy. Yet, there are different gameplay kinds: single-coin, multiplier, megaways, and a progressive jackpot.


Few games symbolise the casino culture like roulette. The mandatory part of any casino, the first version of the game, was invented by Blaise Pascal. Maybe it was already there, soon after the Casinò di Venezia premiered in 1638. The game we know today mixes Pascal’s version with Biribi, an Italian game.

There are mainly three kinds of roulette available online: the French, the European, and the American. The main difference is in the zeros; the American version has two instead of only one. Special bets also vary across different versions of this game.


Blackjack or 21 (Vingt-Un) is another French game that became an indissociable part of the casino culture. The main objective is to score 21 points. Face cards and Tens are worth ten points, while the Ace is worth 11 points. The combination of an Ace and a Ten-point card is called a blackjack, and it’s the best possible hand. If a player goes over 21 points, it’s a “bust”, and the player loses that round.


Poker is arguably the most popular card game today. Indeed, no other card game has so many professional tournaments or media coverage. No one knows where the original game comes from. However, its most famous version, Texas Hold’em, originated in the United States in the 19th century.

In this version, each begins with two cards in hand. Then, three cards are laid face-up on the table after a round of blind bets. The dealer still lays two other cards face-up on the table, with a round of bets between each of them. Other popular versions of this game include Omaha, Draw Poker, Raz, and Caribbean Stud.

Game On!

A top-quality online casino will have options for every taste. Before choosing a new online casino, shop around for the best promotions and the best providers. If you have little experience with the games mentioned above, don’t worry. There are several platforms where you can play them for free. Use them to learn the rules and hone your skills. Time spent in practice is always time well invested, and you can do it completely risk-free.