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The Best Entertainment Apps to Date


One of the most common activities that one might use to pass the time is our trusty smartphone. Do you ever question whether it is your smartphone or its apps that are grabbing your attention? How many apps do we download to our smartphones each month? The majority of us do not even realise how many apps we download. According to the most recent figures from GSMA Intelligence, there are 5.15 billion unique mobile phone users worldwide today. In fact, the usage of smartphones is increasing at an 8% yearly rate.

These smartphones have millions of apps that are essential to our daily life. We handle all of our personal accounts through them in addition to our schedules, paperwork, and payments. As a result, they entertain us, let us communicate with individuals around the world, and alter the way we relate to one another.

Here are some of the top entertainment apps that you might use daily!


Netflix is a streaming service which has a big selection of well-liked television shows, classic films, and in-house produced entertainment. As fresh episodes air and the library grows, streaming movies are continuously added. You can view it on any platform, regardless of the device you use. You can pause the video on one device and pick it up again on another. You have a month to test the services during the trial period. Based on what you like and hate, Netflix will use your ratings to provide better suggestions for episodes and movies.

Youtube TV

If you use YouTube frequently, you could like its live TV app without cable. Already, millions of people are utilising this user-friendly and well-known entertainment app to enjoy its 70+ channels on their smartphones and TVs.

Although the program costs $64.99 each month, you still get a lot of advantages. Six accounts are allowed per family, which should be sufficient for all smartphones and TVs. Additionally, there are no storage space restrictions when using this best entertainment software to capture videos.

BetMGM Sports App

If you’re a sports lover, then this one’s for you. The BetMGM app is one of the best sports betting apps that you can find available for download for your smartphone. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, BetMGM has got you covered with its app. The app is brought to you by the top resorts and casinos in the globe, ideal for all significant professional and collegiate sports. Experience the thrill of betting on the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, UFC, amongst many others. You can even live stream selected games right from the app as well as engage in real-time betting odds.


Don’t you just adore watching TikTok videos, one after the other? The moves, fashion, and tricks… In a same manner, TikTok might soon overtake YouTube as the most popular platform. Already, TikTok users in the United States spend more time there than on YouTube, and the number of downloads suggests the app is quite popular.

All of TikTok’s content is made up of engaging videos. Due to the app’s nature, which is purely entertaining, young users find it to be quite engaging. Fact: Each day, Americans utilise the app for 60 minutes.


This one’s for the book lovers! Millions of books, an excellent recommendation engine, and community features are all characteristics of this popular entertainment app that was made for book fanatics. It functions something like a search engine for books, allowing you to rank and review content.

Goodreads is the greatest entertainment app whether you want to access new publications, discover excellent choices for daily reading, or interact with other book lovers.