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Best Technologies for Mobile Devices Continually Developing in 2022


We live in an era of rapid technological development, and novelties await us almost daily. Smartphones have become an integral part of most people’s lives, greatly simplifying them. Now it is not just a device that can make calls – with the help of a mobile phone, you can work, order food, play the most innovative games, and so on. Let’s look at the most significant technologies in 2022 that will definitely experience growth in the future.

5G Is Rapidly Gaining Popularity

This standard is not new, but it is becoming more popular among users. More and more devices on the market support this technology. Its main advantage is a noticeable increase in mobile applications’ speed. In addition, developers can now release programs with more features that will function just as efficiently and quickly.

Multifunctional Apps for Users

The development of applications and their built-in technologies is on the rise, and we are confident that this trend will become more widespread. For instance, Chinese WeChat was initially developed as a messenger but became a multifunctional platform supporting voice calls, payments, online games, and so on. Instagram is another example: it was created as a platform for exchanging pictures and has grown into a huge marketplace. Super-apps are the future, providing maximum convenience for users.

VR & AR Technologies

Several years ago, a VR headset was just a convenient device for visualizing, and now it’s used in numerous sectors. While for most people, it’s simply a way to have fun and play some games or new online slots, others actively use it for education and work. For instance, numerous universities worldwide have already implemented technology into their activities, making learning accessible for more people. Moreover, VR is actively used in healthcare, allowing future doctors to get real practice with immersive effects.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

The latest years have shown a real boom in cryptocurrencies. Millions of users globally have already noticed the convenience of crypto compared to fiat currencies. Blockchain technology guarantees safety and anonymity, so DApps are gaining popularity. Artificial Intelligence, in line with the decentralized financial systems, has become more advanced and is among the common ways to cope with fraud in e-commerce.

Internet of Things Applications

IoT is the system of devices connected to the Internet that allows convenient and automated control. For instance, smart home technology is evolving. Such developments as Google Home, Siri, and Alexa have become great helpers, performing multiple functions. Connecting to household appliances via smartphones and remotely managing everything is now possible. We suppose that IoT will develop even more, and we will see more exciting novelties soon.

Mobile Wallets for Instant Payments

Most people haven’t seen cash for a long time since they prefer using credit cards. And mCommerce is a step forward: no need to hold a bank card with you: it’s possible to proceed with all payments using a smartphone or even a smartwatch on your wrist. Experts predict that the usage of Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay will grow by over 100% during two following years. Moreover, this feature also affects the development of mobile apps: new applications are supposed to have built-in payment technology for customers’ convenience.

More Applications for Services

Such services as Uber and Airbnb are experiencing an unprecedented rise, and the trend seems to be growing. Users search for convenient apps in different spheres, including food delivery, cleaning, online education, healthcare, and many others. Even though the Covid lockdowns are becoming a thing of the past, people find it more convenient to get all the necessary services online, so we suppose that the number of such applications will significantly grow.