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The Big Battle Of Video Chatting Apps In 2021


Video Chatting Apps In 2021

So, we are talking about random video chat again? Why not? Social media services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and so forth are the first to start providing video chat services. But you can only chat with the person on your contact list. These applications and services are limiting the use of the video chat application. So, the concept of Online random video chat applications comes into the market. And here we are!

So many platforms were entered the video chat market and start competing. Eventually, this competition delivered some of the best Random video chat applications to users like, Chatroulette, Coomeet, OmeTv, FaceFlow, and many more. But after few years, it turns into battle! Many platforms are trying to attract users, for example, Coomeet uses different schemes to attract users. Let’s talk about them all in Detail!


In the list of the most famous random video chat mobile applications, Chatrandom is uncountably the best one. OmegleTV, known as the king of online random video chat websites does not have mobile applications. When Chatrandom launched into the market, users started comparing it with Omegle. It has 1 million monthly users and some advanced new features like sharing media files. You can say it’s a hybrid version of social media and random video chat applications. It’s available on both android and iOS.


Chatroulette launched three years before the Omegle. Russian developer Andrey Ternovskiy developed a platform for fun, and it turned out as the biggest hit. It has some similar features as the other video chat applications and websites. It has over 2 million monthly users. It has been criticized because of its security for many years. But the distinctive thing about Chatroulette is its randomness. The average age of the users is 31-32, and that is what attracts the users.


OmeTv is considered one of the top three best random video chat websites. One of the biggest competitors and headache of the Omegle. It has over 5 million monthly users. It has some similar features as the other random video chat service providers. But the Special thing about the OmeTv is its search filter because of the reliability of the features. Its search filters are considered the best among all service providers. Just like Chatroulette, OmeTv has also been criticized for its security and privacy.


Well, here we are! The king of the random video chat applications! Omegle is the best among all other online random video chat applications and websites! It has over 60 million monthly users! Wow! That’s huge! isn’t it?! It’s not stopped here! According to some stats, at least 25000 users are live at any moment of the day (24 hours). Randomness at its best! Random video chat is all about randomness, and Omegle is providing it at its best! It has webcam chat which is also known as video chat. Also, it has Text chat, Chatrooms, Moderated and unmoderated video chat, and much more. I would recommend Omegle over any other!


In terms of the number of users, Omegle is undoubtedly leading the race. But if we are talking about features, Chatrandom and Chatroulette are might be the best ones. Meanwhile, Chatroulette is turning out as best in terms of randomness. Also, OmeTv has the best search filter. But none of them are near to Omegle. Currently, Omegle is clearly leading the race of online random video chat applications. Check how to watch Disney Plus On TV using