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Launch of the B760M MEOW motherboard by Colorfire


We are currently watching the launch of the motherboard made for thebwhich extends the MEOW series. This new addition, which is based on the B760 chipset, is designed for systems looking for a visual upgrade but are on a tight budget. Just a reminder that Colorfire is a subsidiary brand of Colorful. Originally used for AMD-based goods, the name is now being used for new items that don’t really fit Colorful’s premium gamer aesthetics.

Instead, more items are being released, primarily graphics cards with unusual colour schemes like pink or mint. Recent Colorfire releases include the MEOW series, which uses a white and orange colour scheme, and the SHADOW PURPLE series, which uses a black and purple colour scheme.

Launch of the B760M MEOW motherboard by Colorfire

The business recently unveiled the B760M MEOW WIFI D5, a Micro-ATX motherboard with a full-sized PCIe x16 slot and an additional x4 slot. There are four DDR5 memory slots available. It makes sense for this new design since, as was already indicated, motherboard manufacturers are shifting their attention to the DDR5 standard. The reports state that this board can support speeds of up to 7000 MT/s and a capacity of 48GB each slot, for a total capacity of 192GB. The board also features four SATA 6Gbps connections, three M.2 slots, and a 12+1 phase VRM power delivery system. A Realtek chip provides 2.5G Ethernet connectivity, and Intel Wi-Fi 6 provides wireless connectivity.

Launch of the B760M MEOW motherboard by Colorfire

The recently released GeForce RTX 4060 / 4060 Ti MEOW GPUs are perfectly compatible with the MEOW motherboard. It wouldn’t be unexpected if Colorful has future intentions for its purple and black Shadow Purple design. The B760M MEOW is currently on sale for 1099 RMB ($152) on the JD retail platform in China.