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The Haligtree can finally get the love it deserves thanks to the Elden Ring DLC


The Haligtree is the only site in the Elden Ring that truly merits the attention of the DLC developers. Found beyond the Consecrated Snowfield, the Haligtree and the city surrounding it, Elphael, were once lovely safe havens for the Lands Between’s most vulnerable inhabitants. Nevertheless, by the time the Tarnished reaches it in Elden Ring, the Haligtree is in a decrepit state, with the limbs decaying and its population shrinking. This is because the Haligtree was damaged by the Tarnished.

The Haligtree’s downfall is largely due to the abduction of its founder, Miquella. Long before the events of the Elden Ring era, the Empyrean planted the Haligtree as a form of protest against the Outer Gods. He held a special contempt for the Greater Will, particularly because its adherents had so brutally murdered the Albinaurics. Miquella extended an invitation to the man-made beings and other marginalized groups to reside in the Haligtree, which is located far away from the Greater Will’s sphere of influence. This was done because the man-made beings were unable of defending themselves. However, in subsequent years, Mogh, the Lord of Blood, kidnapped Miquella, which resulted in the Haligtree not having a commander and falling into ruin by the time Elden Ring occurred.

Elden Ring downloadable content may lead the tarnished to the history of the haligtree

It would be great if a future Elden Ring downloadable content pack included the opportunity to explore the Haligtree before it was destroyed. FromSoftware has not shied away from time travelling before, since Dark Souls DLCs like Artorias of the Abyss take place millennia before their respective releases. Indeed, looking into a game’s past can help flesh out its narrative present, and with the Haligtree having enigmatic backstory that Elden Ring glosses over, a DLC on its history could help situate the area in the Lands Between.