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The idealized Exynos CPU for the Galaxy S25 from Samsung might use an AMD GPU with better performance


There have been a number of claims and theories circulating about the future “dream” Exynos chip that Samsung plans to implement in the Galaxy S25. It is anticipated to be introduced in the year 2025, and it is thought to provide much improved performance in comparison to the company’s Exynos processors from earlier generations. This chip has now been shown to have a quite intriguing piece of information exposed about it. As part of their expanded relationship, it will be built on the Radeon technology developed by AMD and will place a primary emphasis on optimizing performance. Although it wasn’t specifically stated in the tweet, it seems that the two businesses will put more of an emphasis on optimization than on raw performance.

It is unknown how well it would perform in comparison to competing GPUs found in Apple’s and Qualcomm’s chips; however, things won’t become evident until after two years have passed and the products have been made available to consumers. In comparison to their Snapdragon counterparts, earlier generations of Exynos chipsets exhibited both a lower level of performance and a lower level of power efficiency. The situation was made much worse by the fact that Samsung installed these inferior Exynos CPUs in certain of its flagship phones, while customers in other countries received superior Snapdragon chips in their devices.

Because of this, the firm was subjected to a great deal of criticism, and as a result, it made the decision to utilize only Snapdragon chipsets in the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S24. There were reports going around that the smartphone subsidiary of Samsung, known as Samsung MX, assembled a team of over one thousand engineers to develop on a bespoke high-end chipset for future Galaxy devices. On the other hand, the business later announced that it intends to collaborate with the Exynos team in a closer fashion in order to develop a processor that is more designed for Galaxy handsets.