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The Most Unusual Game Records


The gaming industry is tightly integrated into our lives, becoming a full-fledged kind of art. And as in any other activity, games began to register their records, sometimes very unusual. Some of them are even listed in the Guinness Book. So, what can the creators and players surprise us with?

The Largest Number of Add-Ons for the Game

The Sims series boasts the largest amount of content from DLC. By June 2022, a total of 86 paid add-ons had been released, and that number will continue to grow as they are still in development.

The First Survival Game

Today there are thousands of games in which you have to survive. But the game that started this genre is rightly UnReal World. That’s where you’ll find the familiar actions like hunting and building your own home.

The First Open World

No one is surprised by large open worlds in gaming these days. But the first time when players experienced this immense freedom was in 1984 with Elite. Created by two students, it forever changed the gaming standard that is still followed today.

First Double Jump

When you play a platformer, you probably do not think about such a feature as a double jump. It seems that such a handy feature has just always been there. But everything was once created and the jump is no exception. Players were first able to jump even higher in the game Dragon Buster in 1985. After that, a platformer without a double jump was not even taken seriously.

The First In-Game Female Character

You might have thought that we are talking about the famous tomb raider — Lara Croft. Such a spectacular woman for a long time stuck in the heads of players and still does not leave them. However, the first female character was born 14 years before Lara Croft. It turned out to be Mrs. Pac-Man, who was the new heroine of the sequel of the games of the same name.

Highest Number of Players in One Battle

Online games allow us to interact with other people and play a wide variety of characters. For example, EVE Online allowed 6,142 players to join together in a battle of arms. Even powerful servers, which were developed to withstand the load of large battles, were difficult to sustain such a large number of players. The large-scale battle was a massive blend of beautiful pictures, which replaced each other in seconds. And even though it was impossible to identify the winner, this battle is remembered for a long time.

The gaming industry is still quite young, but even today there are pages in the Guinness Book of World Records devoted to it. Everything began as simple entertainment, and today games are used for serious tournaments and competitions. Gaming is forever in the hearts of millions of people. One can only wonder what else the developers will surprise us with, and what the players are willing to do to beat the old records and set the new ones.