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The newest version of Samsung’s Quick Share app makes devices more discoverable


You will be pleased to learn that a new version of Quick Share is currently available as a download, and that this information will make you happy. A new version for the Quick Share app is currently in the process of being distributed by Samsung. This update brings with it a few enhancements that are targeted at improving the overall quality of life for users of the programme. Quick Share, version, is now being made available for download. This is the most recent version of Quick Share. The most recent update offers a number of enhancements, one of which is the addition of a new button that, when selected, provides users the chance to modify the visibility of shareable devices within the Share panel.

This is just one of the many improvements that have been included in this release. Also, it appears that the most recent version of Quick Share has increased discoverability between the different categories of electronic devices. If you own more than one smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy line, those additional Samsung Galaxy devices should now be able to locate and speak with one another. An excerpt from the record of revisions, which can be found here, can be found as follows:

  • Users now have the ability to turn on and off the display of shareable devices by clicking a button that is available in the panel that is labelled “Share.”
  • Enhanced in such a way that all of my devices continue to be consistently discoverable to one another.

Either when you receive a notification that the programme has been updated or when you manually check the Galaxy Store, you will be able to download the most recent update for Quick Share. You will receive the notification that the software has been updated. In either case, you will have the chance to acquire the most recent version of the software. Launch the Shop application, navigate to the “Menu” tab, and then click the “Updates” button that is located at the very top of the screen.