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This leak about Destiny 2’s upcoming Season of the Deep overhaul is ominous


According to recent reports on the upcoming “Season of the Deep,” players of Destiny 2 are in for some unexpected changes. “Season of the Deep” is anticipated to be released as the second season for the Lightfall expansion at some point near the end of the month of May this year. There have been many rumours and speculations surrounding the upcoming season, with one leaker stating that Destiny 2 will return to Titan, the Saturnian moon that was removed from the game some time ago. There have also been many rumours and speculations around the upcoming season.

With the most recent addition, Lightfall, which was launched at the end of February of this year, the Destiny 2 servers have been pulled offline at least once for planned maintenance and hotfixes. Bungie appears to have had its hands busy since the release of the expansion. There have been a number of other adjustments and hotfixes made to the game in an effort to get rid of those annoying issues and make the game more balanced, but the results of these changes have been mixed.

Players should anticipate a significant adjustment to the way the Power system works in Destiny 2, as stated by Frozen Dart of the Destiny News Network. The person who leaked the information stated that they were unsure whether or not this update will be included in Season of the Deep, and then went on to outline how the new system would function. The power will no longer be based on the player’s character but rather on their account, and it will be shared with their fireteam, with the greatest level being applied to all players. Gear score will be deleted, and players will instead be forced to accomplish weekly or seasonal challenges in order to accrue power. At the same time, players will be able to use gear that had previously been retired from use. According to Freezing Dart, one of the tag lines for the upcoming overhaul is “Use all your gear, all the time,” which indicates that players of Destiny 2 will no longer be required to retire their gear at regular intervals.

If the changes that seem to be on the horizon do materialize, it will be interesting to observe how the larger community responds to them. The reactions of players to the tweet posted by BungieLeaks regarding these rumoured changes range from complete and utter disbelief on the subject of weapons being retired to guarded optimism regarding the prospect of long-forgotten pieces of gear suddenly becoming useful again. The discussion continues with some new information regarding what appear to be reworks of previously available exotics in Destiny 2 for Season 21 and beyond. If these alterations are to take place, only time will tell.