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The Outlast Trials – How to Be Reborn


In contrast to earlier games in the series, the Outlast Trials uses the universe’s narrative while not being restricted to a single-player story mode. The main goal for the players is to become Reagents, finish the therapeutic program at Murkoff Facility, and become one of the Reborn. The only way to accomplish so is to become Reborn in The Outlast Trials. The most valuable goods in the game, Release Tokens, may be obtained by collecting them. You will learn how to be reborn in the outlast trials by reading this article:

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How to Be Reborn

Players must use the Rebirth Portal in order to finish The Outlast Trials and become reborn. It can only be turned on if ten Release Tokens have been gathered. Being Reborn is obviously more complicated than just stepping outside and experiencing freedom. Instead, before departing Murkoff Facility, participants will need to prevail in one more solitary challenge. The last trial is far more difficult, with more adversaries and missions, and it takes place in the same mansion as the introductory introduction.

The Outlast Trials - How to Be Reborn

Once they depart, a fresh Reagent will take their place, and they will be able to replay Program X to earn fresh rewards and potentially even experience a second rebirth, restarting the entire process anew. Players keep all of the benefits and gear they had before finishing the last trial, along with their Therapy Level.

How to Unlock the Final Trial

To become Reborn, you must first unlock Program X. You must finish all of the tasks in Programs 1, 2, and 3 in order to accomplish this. You will then be able to access Program X. Reaching the goal of every task in Program X is the second stage. You receive a Freedom Token in Program X for each task you successfully finish. You need ten Freedom Tokens to be Reborn.

The Outlast Trials - How to Be Reborn

After obtaining ten Freedom Tokens, you can transform them into the employee next to the lone hallway that is ordinarily blocked by foliage when you attempt to travel through. It appears that Murkoff’s security for the last Trial is too tight for me to get past, even though I tried for much too long.

What Happens After Being Reborn?

To avoid giving too much away, the last Trial is solo and takes place in the same mansion as the opening, although it’s more challenging overall and has more adversaries. In terms of plot, you’ll be given a new identity before being granted freedom, and when you successfully finish the last Trial, a cutscene will start.

The Outlast Trials - How to Be Reborn

You get to create a new character upon rebirth. With the exception of Program X, you retain most of your progress, so if you are Reborn, you must complete those chores again. Unlocking one of the 10,000 outfits is currently the sole true draw. The cycle can then be repeated as many as desired.


How do you escape the trials in outlast?

You will receive a Release Token upon completion of each Program X trial. In The Outlast Trials, you must obtain ten of these to be liberated. You’ll need some time for this, particularly if you’re playing alone. With friends or a group, Program X is more effective since the likelihood of completing trials successfully increases.

Can the monsters hear you in outlast trials?

Outlast Trials is a game for players who want to remain hidden from view. It lacks the standard awareness indicator that lets you know if an enemy has seen or heard you, but it does feature an auditory cue.

Does time affect grade in Outlast Trials?

Mother Gooseberry doesn’t give a damn what letter you receive; you’re still going through those damn Trials in the same manner as the D ranked people. To be fair, ranking is unaffected by time. Even if I took a mental toll and certain sound traps, I spent 90 million (or maybe slightly less) on the final exam and still received an A+.

How many people can play Outlast trials together?

You have the option of working through the trials alone or in groups of two, three, or four players.

Is Outlast trials good solo?

All things considered, The Outlast Trials’ challenge-based methodology offers a stimulating way to go forward. Solo play might make it harder to advance, thus playing cooperative multiplayer with others is really beneficial. With a well-organized team, your experience might be flawless, or it can be completely disorganized with strangers.