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The Outlast Trials – How to Get A+ Grade


Players are thrown into violent and terrifying mazes in the third episode of the Outlast video game series. Those who dare to perform The Outlast Trials must endure harsh sets of trials that put their willpower to the test. Better outcomes come from Outlast Trials with higher grades. As a result, some players have set their sights on earning an A+. Obtaining an A+ grade in The Outlast Trials is a terrific method to prove that you have conquered the level and receive some additional cash as a reward, even though it is merely an optional goal. You will learn how to receive an A+ in the outlast trials by reading this article:

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How to Get A+ Grade

Since A+ is the highest grade in the Outlast Trials, obtaining it is difficult. Players must move quickly to avoid running out of resources, plan their movements precisely, and exercise extreme caution in all they do. You must do the following to receive an A+ grade:

The Outlast Trials - How to Get A+ Grade

  • Avoid triggering sound traps – This entails jogging while treading on glasses on the ground. If you tread on too many glasses, your prospects of receiving a decent rating are eliminated, even if you set off a few traps and receive an A+.
  • Avoid dying at all costs – You will not receive an A+ if you pass away, even if you are later revived.
  • Use many consumable items – Use whatever you discover, such as lockpicks, bricks, and batteries.
  • Avoid getting hit/taking damage/getting Psychosis – Your rank is lowered slightly if you take any damage. If you get hit only two or three times, you can still receive an A+, but getting hit more often will make it much more difficult to receive a decent rank.
  • Find all Propaganda Posters – You must locate three or five propaganda posters for each map. Ensure that you locate them all.

All four of the game’s programs can be used with these tips. Nonetheless, obtaining an A+ will be simpler on some programs but more difficult on others. The most crucial advice to remember is to always review your performance review following each run.

The Outlast Trials - How to Get A+ Grade

You should stay away from anything that is highlighted in red. Replaying the level several times and working closely with your teammates to finish each goal without failing or taking any damage will be necessary to obtain an A+ on higher levels.

Some Additional Tips For An A+ Grade

The obstacles that players must overcome in each program are distinct. Nevertheless, if people remember these things, most can be finished.

Be Resourceful – A player’s ingenuity is demonstrated when they use program goods, such as batteries and antidotes, and The Outlast Trials’ grading system incentivizes them for it. You can get more experience points by using bricks and empty bottles to stun or divert opponents. Such products are advised whenever needed, as they provide a quick and simple way to gain more experience points and possibly even an A+ grade.

The Outlast Trials - How to Get A+ Grade

Exploit enemy weaknesses – There were new adversaries in the Outlast Trials to overcome. They are all terrifying in their unique ways, but players can take advantage of their flaws. For instance, while being blind beneath his mask and more sensitive to hearing, the Berserker may be somewhat stronger than Big Grunts. Developing a strategy based on the vulnerabilities of the opposition ensures program success.

Help friends out – As you play with buddies, you can earn points by assisting them in escaping an enemy attack or utilizing the Heal RIG mist to heal them. In addition, if the players are having trouble attaining an A+ all at once, they can shield a party member to concentrate on earning the best grade while others divert the adversaries.  For this strategy to work in a party of four, the same program must be played four times. Although it takes longer, this approach is more simpler.


Does time affect grade in outlast trials?

Mother Gooseberry doesn’t give a damn what letter you receive; you’re still going through those damn Trials in the same manner as the D ranked people. To be fair, ranking is unaffected by time. Even if I took a mental toll and certain sound traps, I spent 90 million (or maybe slightly less) on the final exam and still received an A+.

How does XP work in Outlast trials?

Every time a player finishes a Program trial, they receive Experience Points (XP) that count toward their Therapy Level. The trials are made up of different tasks that players have to do at themed locations on behalf of Murkoff Facility, most of which involve dangerous actions.

What happens when you are reborn in outlast trials?

After they depart, Program X can be replayed for fresh rewards and perhaps even a second rebirth, which restarts the entire process anew with a new Reagent. Players keep all of the benefits and gear they had before finishing the last trial, along with their Therapy Level.

What is the goal of The Outlast Trials?

Your ultimate objective is to finish Murkoff’s treatment and obtain the authorization to reintegrate into society. You have to finish the MK-Challenges and the Trials in order to accomplish this.

How do you unlock Omega in outlast trials?

Like with Program X, in order to access Program Omega, you must have finished all of the earlier Programs from 1 through 3. You can continue on your own by yourself through The Outlast Trials, but this is where your solo run ends. It is necessary to complete Program Omega in groups.