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Remnant 2 – How to Get Zania’s Malice


They’re abundant in Remnant 2, a game that scatters them around the map pretty much everywhere it can. In Remnant 2, Zania’s Malice is a ring full of corrupted power. Due to its dull amber light, this ring has a projecting horn and a demonic aspect. The ring’s purpose is to painfully remind the wearer of its presence by scraping against their flesh. This ring’s effect allows you to do up to 30% more damage to an enemy’s weak spot. You can learn how to obtain Zangie’s malice in Relic 2 by reading this article:

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Zania’s Malice Ring Location

Get to the Ashen Wasteland’s second checkpoint, which is located in the Root World. Before the rail yard, where you must battle a swarm of root monsters, is this checkpoint. Proceed down the divergent path after this checkpoint. Following this path, you will get to a room on a lower level. There’s a path that descends further in that room. Take that patch off of me.

Remnant 2 - How to Get Zania's Malice

There’s a hole in the wall across the room, but it’s difficult to see because of the dim illumination. Strolling along the boundary will make it easy to get to this hole. You will notice the purple light of the ring laying on the ground after kneeling and walking into the hole.

What Does the Zania’s Malice Ring Do?

Even if the Zania’s Malice ring isn’t the greatest at what it accomplishes in Remnant 2, it’s still a powerful ring. When it is donned, striking a Weakspot (red damage) will cause a seven-second 10% boost in Weakspot damage. This effect increases Weakspot damage by 30% when it stacks up to three times. The Nightfall long gun, which is made with materials from the Nightweaver, is one weapon that really benefits from this ring. This mod’s quick fire rate will give you a free 30% damage boost.

Remnant 2 - How to Get Zania's Malice


Where to Find the Zania Malice Ring

Go to Root Earth and look for the home next to the Ashen Wasteland waypoint in order to find the Zania Malice Ring in Remnant 2. The final world in the game’s plot is called Root Earth. Roots have nearly all overtaken this universe. Luckily for you, this dimension’s locations don’t alter. The good news is that you will find the needed item much more easily.

Remnant 2 - How to Get Zania's Malice

How to find Zania Malice Ring: It’s in a little hallway in the center of a rooted building.

  • As we previously stated, you have to go to the Ashen Wasteland waypoint first.
  • Proceed on the road until you reach a big root obstructing the route and a few damaged cars beneath it.
  • Go through the broken wall to enter the building on the right. You can utilize the overturned automobile on the right side of the road and the denser roots near the building door as landmarks.
  • Once inside the structure, ascend until you reach a waypoint. Go past this red crystal and down the glass to a giant red-lit hole in the floor.
  • Proceed to the left side of the abyss and enter via a little opening in the wall.
  • As soon as you enter, the Zania Malice Ring will be visible to you, and you can take it.

The Zania Malice is a great ring for boss fights, as we’ve already mentioned. Because weakspot damage rings deal 10% more weakspot damage than normal. This effect stacks up to three times and lasts for seven seconds. As a result, you can deliver 30% more damage during the fight since you are the accurate shooter.


What does Archon do in Remnant 2?

The Archon archetype in Remnant 2 is centered around weapon mods. With each point invested in it, the class’s special characteristic, Flash Caster, speeds up the casting of mods and skills by 5%.

How do you get the void heart in Remnant 2?

Only in the unique region known as Alepsis-Taura may one find the Void Heart. You can travel to this place once you’ve finished the N’Erud storyline, which begins in Seeker’s Rest. That is the plot, in which Sentinel’s Keep can be unlocked by gathering Seeker’s Keys.

What is the strongest archetype in Remnant 2?

“Man’s best friend,” Handler, certainly lives up to the cliché in Remnant 2, as the Handler Archetype proves to be one of the most potent ways to survive the game’s numerous realms.

What do you get for flopping 100 times on Remnant 2?

Talk to Reggie once you’ve completed your 100 flops and inquire about what he has to trade. The Leto’s Amulet is now visible in his inventory, and obtaining it will cost you 1,000 scrap.

What are the best traits for the Archon in Remnant 2?

The Flash Caster characteristic of the Archon is excellent for enhancing mod and skill boosts in general. This characteristic will enable your Archon player to apply mods more effectively and quickly. You will noticeably gain a 50% improvement in Mod and Casting Speed when you max it out.