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The Outlast Trials – How to Get the Release Tokens


Release Tokens, also known as Freedom Tokens, are the only means by which one can complete The Outlast Trials and leave the institution. Unlike previous games, The Outlast Trials uses the universe’s tale without being limited to a single-player story mode. The primary objectives for the players are to turn into Reagents, complete the Murkoff Facility’s treatment program, and join the Reborn. The trials are the main component of the therapeutic program, and as the game progresses, players can trade their freedom for souvenirs called Release Tokens. By reading this guide, you will discover how to get release tokens in the outlast trials:

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What are Release Tokens?

In The Outlast Trials, your liberation requires you to pay with Release Tokens. These are more coveted items that can only be acquired by passing the tests that the Murkoff Facility sets. It is not that easy, though, as they do not promise a Release Token in exchange for completing each trial—which is risky, challenging, and time-consuming. The program requires you to finish all matching trials to change and modify your character’s biology.

The exit to Murkoff Facility, which serves as the Rebirth Portal and transports players to a different area of The Outlast Trials, where the last trial is held, can be unlocked using the tokens. To pay for your freedom at the desk by the exit, you must have 10 Release Tokens.

How to Get Release Tokens

When you complete every trial in Program X, you will receive Release Tokens as payment. After completing the first three therapeutic programs, players can access Program X, the last one. Every program has a designated location:

  • The Police Station
  • The Fun Park
  • The Orphanage

The four trials in the program are a Final Exam and two MK-Challenges. At first, not all programs are accessible, but as players advance their Therapy Level through successful trials, they become available. Program X is made available once each program is completed and passed.

The Outlast Trials - How to Get the Release Tokens

Players receive a Release Token for each completed trial in Program X, which consists of 10 trials in total. The trials are the same as in the previous programs, and players can speak with the man at the desk by going to the door in The Sleep Room under the “Join the Reborn” sign after obtaining all ten Release Tokens.

How to Use Release Tokens

Ten Release/Freedom Tokens will be awarded to you if you have finished all ten trials in Program X. Visit the Sleep Room’s reception and talk with the staff member to use these. After that, you have one last task to finish, known as the “Farewell Mission.”

The Outlast Trials - How to Get the Release Tokens

This quest will resemble the first one you completed in The Outlast Trials, except it will be harder and include more adversaries. You can become Reborn, the Outlast Trials’ prestige system, by completing this trial.


What happens when you get 10 release tokens in Outlast trials?

In essence, the player must gather 10 release tokens, which are obtained by successfully finishing Program X trials. You can access the Farewell Mansion passageway once you have ten.

Why am I not getting release tokens in Outlast trials?

Prior to obtaining Release Tokens, you need to unlock Program X. As so, you have to finish the Police Station, Fun Park, and Orphanage, your first three programs. Each consists of three longer trials with multiple tasks and actions to complete, as well as two smaller missions dubbed MK-Challenges.

What is the best rig in Outlast trials?

Any team participating in The Outlast Trials needs to have the Healing Rig. The player and their allies can be healed by the gas that the Rig produces, which is quite helpful when getting out of a tight spot.

What happens at the end of Outlast trials?

Our player eventually leaves the manor after reading the lines, but not before Mother Gooseberry confronts them. As they run, they abruptly lose consciousness and find themselves submerged in an unending sea, with a dazzling white light filling their vision and a loud fog horn echoing across the water.

Does time affect grade in outlast trials?

Mother Gooseberry doesn’t give a damn what letter you receive; you’re still going through those damn Trials in the same manner as the D ranked people. To be fair, ranking is unaffected by time. Even if I took a mental toll and certain sound traps, I spent 90 million (or maybe slightly less) on the final exam and still received an A+.