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The Rise of Online Lottery in India


While gambling and more specifically playing casino games may be considered a taboo in India, lottery has largely been accepted in the sub-continent. This comes as no surprise for a country of more than a billion people where 90% plus are below the poverty line. You will find customers queuing outside shops in an attempt to buy lottery tickets that may change their lives forever. It was therefore only going to be a matter of time before the lottery was brought into the online world. With the inception of online lotteries, the demand and craze to play the lottery has increased tremendously.

There is still one catch though. Lottery laws in India only allow physical shops to sell lottery tickets. These shops are governed by their respective state governments and these state run lotteries are only available in 13 Indian states as it stands. This means that most of the Indian population does not have access to the lottery product.

How does the online lottery work?

This is where online lottery swoops in to save the day. These online lottery sites are able to reach out to customers in India by using a legal loophole. Their offices are not based in India, and they are in fact offshore companies that offer lottery services that Indians are able to access. Customers can therefore purchase lottery tickets from these sellers online and there is no need for them to have a physical presence in the country. On the flip side it also means that tickets for local lotteries such as the Kerala lottery will not be available from these sites. The really good news is that punters will have access to international lotteries where the jackpots usually go into the hundreds of millions. I am talking about lotteries such as the Mega Millions or US PowerBall which are famous in the United States.

Why are Online Lotteries so Popular?

Online lotteries are popular for a number of reasons. The first that I have briefly mentioned above is regarding the number of lotteries that you will have access to while sitting in India. Not only will you be able to play the lotteries from the US but you can also take part in EuroMillions and with a name like that you can imagine how big the jackpot will be. The different number of games and the size of the jackpots are the primary reason why more Indians are now visiting international lottery sites. There is also the issue of convenience when playing at an online lottery. For the state run lotteries, you have to make the effort of going to the shop and purchasing a lottery ticket. With an online lottery, you are merely a few clicks away on your mouse before you have managed to purchase your first ticket.

Another great reason for buying tickets at online lotteries is that you can use a variety of different payment methods. These lottery sites have integrated with several payment options including UPI and Netbanking. If you prefer to remain anonymous when buying your lottery tickets then you can even use cryptocurrency. The transactions happen instantly so you don’t have to wait for the lottery site to charge your debit or credit card. Simply select the crypto wallet you want to use and buy the ticket.

The last benefit of using online lotteries that I would like to mention has to do with the additional games that these sites have to offer. You can visit these sites with the intention of just playing the lottery, but you can always put a bit of money into casino games as well. Some might even go as far as to offer cricket betting options in their interface which means that online lotteries end up becoming a one stop shop for all gaming needs be it casino, sports betting, or lottery.

When playing at online lotteries, you also have the peace of mind that your sensitive information will always be kept safe and secure. The online lotteries are regulated and put a lot of effort in using the latest SSL encryption technology. Buying a ticket here means that your transaction is secure and that your data will never fall into the wrong hands.