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‘The Winds of Winter’ Upgrade: Will George RR Martin Release the Next Book?


The Winds of Winter

With Game of Thrones having at long last wrapped up, every one of the fans has their eyes on the prequel demonstrate that we know is coming straightaway, and alongside that George R. R. Martin’s next book in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ arrangement called The Winds of Winter. Winds have been a standout amongst the most anticipated books possibly ever, and Martin is by all accounts postponing it consistently.

This time, however, we believe that a discharge date of the book is an inside sight on the grounds that, in an ongoing blog entry, George said that he’s at long last back home and is currently taking a shot at Winds of Winter. Alongside that, he referenced that he won’t give a due date for when he considers Winds Winter will be finished by, on the grounds that he neglects to meet them unfailingly. In this way, he’ll simply stay silent and continue taking a shot at the books. When they’ll be done, we’ll discover.

Already, George has said that he’s nearly finished with Winds of Winter, and that persuades that Winds of Winter may really be turning out inside the following couple of months. As I would like to think, the book will be out by December 2020. Regardless of whether we’ll get A Dream of Spring or not is something that is hard to tell. Considering the way that it took George such a long time to do Winds of Winter, I believe it’s about unimaginable for us to get A Dream of Spring, yet who knows, perhaps he’ll pull something off.

George likewise said that he’s dealing with a few Game of Thrones related prequels, and he said this wasn’t the last that we saw of Westeros. The story may even proceed after the prequels are wrapped up.

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