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The Yule Ball at Hogwarts was the Ideal Setting For A Romantic Intrigue In The Hogwarts Legacy Series


The topic of Hogwarts Legacy’s romantic subplots has generated a lot of discussion. Unlike in other role-playing games (RPGs) featuring romance choices, players in this game cannot canonically fall in love with their companions; instead, they can make friendships with them and discover more about their histories. During their visit to Natty in the hospital, the player character even consoles her by holding her hand for a small period of time, like any good friend would. However, many players believe that there could have been alternative methods to incorporate age-appropriate platonic romance into the game, such as how the Yule Ball is depicted in the Harry Potter movies and books.

It is possible that an event similar to the Yule Ball from the Triwizard Tournament was considered at one point for inclusion in Hogwarts Legacy. This is suggested by the presence of dancing ghosts throughout the game, a magical moonlit mooncalf dance in the Bird in the Hand side quest, and even a random NPC encounter outside Gladrags Wizardwear with a Hogwarts student busting a move. However, the most significant benefit of attending a school dance is that it provides the ideal setting for initiating romantic possibilities.

Avalanche might get around this problem by developing a new form of school dance that is exclusive to the 19th Century setting of Hogwarts Legacy. This dance would be similar to the Celestial Ball that was featured in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Despite the fact that the Yule Ball wouldn’t make sense in the period of Hogwarts Legacy, Avalanche could create this dance. It is common knowledge that dancing is a language understood by people all over the world; hence, it would have been a wonderful addition to introduce more representation and give players the opportunity to select from a variety of partners for their Yule Ball date or even to attend the Ball on their own.

The Yule Ball at Hogwarts was the Ideal Setting For A Romantic Intrigue In The Hogwarts Legacy Series

Hogwarts Legacy may provide comic moments as well as chances for platonic relationships if the school hosts a dance similar to the Yule or Celestial Ball. people learning to dance during class or when people discussed requesting other students to be their date for the dance are two of the funniest moments in the Harry Potter movies. These two scenes culminate with Harry wistfully eyeing Cho Chang before spitting out his drink, which is also one of the funniest moments in the Harry Potter movies. Because the game takes place in a previous time period and features traditional costumes, it is the ideal location for a witty reference to Hogwarts Legacy’s Goblet of Fire.

The addition of a dance based on the Yule Ball could encourage gamers to spend more time at Hogsmeade’s merchant establishments. Players had the option of purchasing fancy dance attire at Gladrags Wizardwear, changing their hairstyle at Madam Snelling’s Tress’ Emporium, or even sending their date a fun gift or invitation through the Hogsmeade Post Office. The game’s OWL letter quest system allowed players to receive a response to their letter from their date. Because there are no romance possibilities in Hogwarts Legacy, the value of many of the game’s shops is limited; as a result, the number of times players return to the game after the initial expedition is likely to decrease. It is possible that the events at Hogsmeade may be given more purpose and have increased replayability if romance or other means to enhance relationships with companions were included.